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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda imagine a world with Vampires as it's general population , with hepers (humans) almost extinct , fangs , blood and meat , where sunlight burns you , high school at midnight and.......... cliques called The Desirables . (Yep the very vampire version of Mean Girls .)

seriously .

here we have seventeen year old Gene . He's a pretty boy . swims and is quite athletic . has girls literally fawning over him and is pretty einstein when it comes to academics . the only problem ---

He's a heper (human) among the vampires and a little bit indication of who he is and he's a made for school packaged meal .

Now almost after a decade the ruler of the country announces the proceedings of 'The Hunt' which basically is the hunger games version of Tom and Jerry . The recruitment of participants was a lottery game and guess who won ?
Ofcourse our dear hero , Gene .
Now not only is he going to be hunting a heper but will be trying to save his own heper butt .
So like it goes Always ...
You go to a game , you try to save yourself and find love in the most hopeless place .

So now let's get down to how i found the book .

Gene was a very annoying character . i mean annoying beyond imagination . okay i get it ! he lives among the vampires and finds THEM civilised even with their drooling and lots of blood trickling down their chin when they eat while he finds hepers savages . then he complains of how crappy his life and how much he just adores vamps and wants to be like them and how he likes this Vampire chick , Ashley June and how in the whole world he does everything to save himself by applying ointments , shaving of body hair , joining the vampire spitting fest AND......wait for it ....scratching wrists .( i'll get back on the scratching thing real soon .)

the thing is ,
Mr. Gene if you love vampires so much why don't you just change ?
i mean you could get all down and dirty with Ashley June by grinding elbows into each others armpits and fall in love and then do the twilight-thing and just make her change you ? i mean obviously you should because you already eat meat .

and he calls himself brilliant . *snorts*

leaving him , there is not one character in the book to which i could actually learn something from . like what's the deal dude ? how come Vamps wipe humans off ? a little bit more detail and it would've been perfecto .

then the scratching wrists .
You find something funny , you scratch . trying Sarcasm , you scratch . are a bit pissed , you scratch .
seriously ?! aren't you vampires supposed to have LONG Nails which really make your skin go this ugly shade of red when you keep on scratching ?!

and top it all you guys spit like you're marking territory like dogs !
( tsk .. tsk ...very CIVILIZED of them )

Sooo...you guys like playing with Arms and drool in your private moments ? i mean of course you can't kiss ! you have fangs to deal with . and so yes the possible best alternative are grinding elbows into each others armpits . obviously , you must be very clean .

then coming to the mid-section and where you meet these other participants ..
So basically they are vampire-robots .
no name . designations like H-6 and D-4 and etc .
typically brainless and yes again , they drool .
all the while i was waiting for some action which didn't really happen .( and if you call gross things 'action' . sorry bud , you're a bit confused)

i think i'm starting to miss the sparkling couple of twilight . o.O

then it came down to what the hunt is about . HEPERS . the one's you're supposed to hunt .
i think they are the only characters i loved along with Ashley June who turns out to be surprisingly awesome .

now follows the end . i will agree that signs of adrenaline were definitely starting to show . i was a bit bored if i might be honest ...because what are you supposed to do when you see the same kind of people , doing the exact same thing in every freaking dystopia ! i will ban dystopia for life if authors don't find something original -.-

then bumped in the cliffhanger .
I kinda LOVED it .
maybe because of all the old-school things when something lightening came up i was kind of surprised and finally satisfied . (a bit)

Though yes , this book remains a total letdown .