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Something like Normal - Trish Doller It was goofy to a
degree that should have been embarrassing, but it wasn’t.
It was fun.
I don’t know if my life will ever be completely normal
again, but something like normal is a good start.

oh my god O.O

You know what i like ?

A sensitive guy whose a complete Greek God with a Doozy of humor and sentimentality flowing in his veins . and extra bonus points if he cries a little .

What can i say , i guess i like men in pain .

Something like normal , is a fantastic debut by Trish Doller .
Here we meet Travis Stephenson ,
19-year old . Very Tall . Very Hot . A Marine .
after his seven month long patrolling in Afghanistan , he's back in town on vacation for a month and other than the time and environment difference , there are a lot of things that have been causing a hurricane in his mind . From his best friend's death in line of honor to his parent's divorce and also the sneaky bastardly dating of his own brother and his ex-girlfriend , Life is pretty messed up . Also the fact that his pride gets in between him confessing his fears and keeping it all bottled in .
You can see how the difference in the environment is acting upon him . how his impulsive acts are a testimony to his power-pact adrenaline during real life shootouts and battles . how every time he hears a gunshot , even if the source of that gunshot is a mere movie , he has this urge to go all G.i Joe . How he sees a man with dark hair and a mustard-y complexion and suddenly thinks , 'Damn is that Charlie ?' and then when he does call out his friend's name , he realizes that it isn't his best friend Charlie but just a passerby because his best friend Charlie is ......dead .
and that thing kind of gets to you .

From how Travis is played out to how he meets his lady-love , Harper Gray and eventually the end is damn right a true example of realistic contemporary :)
Something Like normal is a fast paced , entertaining and light-hearted novel which even though treads the deep waters of grief related situations , manages bring out the best of the scenario .

i've never felt so bitchy in my whole life.
no seriously !
Who dares to laugh during an emotional funeral scene involving the topic of remembering a dead man ?!
that is so sadistic of me -.-
or maybe it's just Travis with his 'cool-guy-Mojo' on .

other than that do you know he mentions 'Dear John' as well ?
yes the very DEAR JOHN created by the Romance-guru-of-death-by-cancer-or-death-by-betrayal-or-death-by-depression-or-death-nonetheless , Nicholas sparks .
and in a very nice way ;)

i like how Ms. Doller has played it real with Travis .
His demeanor , his attitude , his thoughts on his growing panic , spooky nightmares and well just about everything has a realistic edge to it . we don't hear cheesy declarations , desperate affections or psycho revenge instincts . We especially don't hear about things that are supposed to be heart numbing but turn out to be an epic fail . what we hear is true thought process of a lovable male character who starts to understand his mom's love for him , how he realizes that even after facing the usual ignorance from his son , his mother still insists on providing her son with the best things in this world because that is what is it , isn't it ? you can become the biggest dog of the world yet there will always be your mom , standing right there with wide open arms . how he knows that when the time comes , he would took a bullet for his fellow soldiers who in a time became his family . how he knows that even though his ex-girlfriend is his brother's now-girlfriend and that he shouldn't respond to her haughty looks , he still can't control it and just goes with it and when close to his lady-love , he has this huge need of a cold shower . ( i'm not going further on that .)
in all , Travis has to be one of the most loved character on this planet .

Hopping onto his Lady Love , Harper Gray .
So there was this crazy thing that happened when these kids were getting in terms with adolescence and well you know , rumors were spread and Little Harper hates Little Travis . ( we don't need to ask about the source of the rumor , shall we ? )
So when Travis comes along and sees this green eyed beauty , he's like Hey girl , we should totally go out !
and my dearest Harper being highly intelligent does the awesomest thing .....

she punches him.

and with that Badass start , i knew that i loved this chick .

Travis's fellow mates are a set of awesome characters too .
imagine a group of guys with lots of perverted talks , bitch-slapping , crazy insults , fist fights and bro-talks with just an addition of the Marine background and Afghanistan , well that's them for you .

here and there , emotional traces could be seen and they felt how their supposed to . Warm and heart-warming :)

Something Like Normal is a kickass start to an author's road to success. ( i mean it when is say it.)
it's fun , energetic , filled with spooky nightmares that do spook you and an amazing cast of characters , this beauty here will not disappoint you :D