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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand see basically i am a very hearty person when it comes to showering stars , but right now i feel so mean and betrayed .
i'm actually fumbling because i'm still in the mind-maze of deciding whether to award this book whole three stars or just two wholes and a half star .

in Unearthly by Cynthia Hand , we come across sixteen year-old Clara Gardner , A part-angel and part-human living being . Everything on this planet has a purpose to fulfill . be it a toaster which is meant to toast bread , a car which is meant to be a means of transportation or just Mark Zuckerberg , to resourcefully capture my attention with his highly popular creation . So just like that , Angels are given a purpose to fulfill , something they are put on earth to do . time's come and it's Clara's time to embrace and succeed in what needs to be done and that is , to achieve her purpose . Her dreams and visions are little messages that lead her to gather clues towards what she needs to do . in her visions , there's always this mysterious boy with his back turned standing right there midst a raging forest fire and all she knows is that she needs to save him .
So when Clara along with her awesome angel Mom and younger brother Jeffrey come to Wyoming , she meets the mysterious guy who appears in her dreams and whose name is Christian . one look at this guy and she knows that it's him and well , she just goes ahead and faints . seriously this girl has some crazy issues .
it all gets more crazy as she's drawn to this amazingly 'ruggedly-sexy' cowboy , Tucker Avery .
with a few grounded secrets , dangerous threats and ofcourse evil angels , Clara's life is one big roller-coaster and this is how our story begins .

See i'm going to be honest . i do not mean to be brutal but after reading Unearthly i had been eager and kind of excited and so i went ahead and read book 2 , Hallowed .
which might i say in advance was an Epic Fail .
personally i remember to have liked Unearthly a little bit more but i guess my disappointment over a lot of things just got the best of me .
There was nothing 'New' in Unearthly .
i mean it's how it is . Girl has the word 'angelic offspring' plastered on her head and it has to be quite pressurising and new for her . Afterall , she has loads to face and learn . she has a mission and she has this awesome mom who i honestly just admired and a brother whose on his way to being one of those people who are looked up to .all those things involiving frustrating , creepy and mysterious visions are not easy to handle too . then she sees this guy and she says he's 'hotness personified' , but crap for her because he does not notice her . but worry not because there's always this other guy . and THEN does she start noticing this poor fellow who is just as beautiful as that previous pig . hmm comes in the bad guy . action . mom . action . mom . Tucker .
in the end , there's this possibility of a love triangle and well other complications . then there was the climax and areas involving other characters . obviously my brain was working while i was reading and i had these predictions as well .
1.Angela is evil .
2.Tucker is an angel-man too .
3.Christian is evil too .
4.Jeffrey joins the bad man .
Although my predictions were definitely not true , after finishing the book i almost wished that some of them were .

a good thing about this book is that it's very entertaining ! i actually never considered keeping the book down and i seriously had my laugh out loud with snorts moments too .
in all fairness , Unearthly wasn't a bad book it was quite a nice one actually but it didn't cut out much for me .
Also i think i really liked Clara . she's not snobby or anything . she's vulnerable , curious and knows that there is a lot more than meets the eye . She's obviously superhuman .
her attitude was quite a relatable one . i liked her instantly with her thoughts on how cool her mom was and how she in her way understood Jeffrey's pain and that looking at a guy with googly eyes and him not responding to it can be a serious turn off and also when a guy teases you till he drives you crazy , you don't magically realise that he as a matter-of-factly is in love with you .
So yes she's cool and i definitely like her A LOT .

Tucker Avery . at last we meet !
Am i crazy if i did not swoon as much as i thought i would ?
honestly , it was either the hype or the want to love him due to which i did not fall in love with Tucker .there were mushy moments where i was like , ' Oh man ! here it comes . ' but later it all felt so incomplete for me to really like this guy ..argghh .
and it's not like i didn't swoon ! because i did . i did so .
but i'm shocked and a bit horrified to say that , Tucker i like you but i'm not in love with you and there is a possibility that i never will .
You maybe hot and you really do care for Clara and all that romance and Jazz was some serious sweet stuff but nevertheless my heart betrays my mind and so here we are . i mean i guess i do really like you because damn weren't you sweet with all that love you hid and all that joy you had when things finally went your way and how utterly emotional were those words of what-do-you-see-in-him and best-surprise-was-you . Maybe i just hate Clara . i don't like her anymore . arghh...irritating .

Christian .
his character was slack ?
i mean i was starting to like this guy . ( forgive me , but i'm turning out to be abnormal )
then there was this climax and i was like maybe i really don't like you .
why couldn't you be evil ?!!?
why couldn't you be a bad guy and come out of those bushes during the fire and just ATTACK ?!

my favourite character and the only thing that saved the book other than the entertainment and likable way of writing was , Clara's mom , Margaret .
She is definitely that badass lady i know she is . Strong , beautiful and understanding , she just gives me those motherly vibes . Ice cream , thoughts , fear and strength . there is this shining thing about her that you automatically love . She knows that there's danger , she knows how vulnerable and gullible her children and she really knows some smart moves . i mean i'm just saying had this book been about her then it would have been a big 5 starrer for me .
Mrs. Gardner , i love you very much .

see i very much enjoyed Unearthly , what i didn't like the most was the ending ( very disappointing ) and bits and pieces of some characters mentioned above .

liked it but couldn't love it.