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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand rating -> 1.5 stars

My brutality knows no bounds .
i mean 1.5 stars are usually ratings i cringe and possibly never give . maybe to Fallen but ..whatever .

Hallowed is everything Unearthly was and was not .
I had this satisfied feeling while reading this book because with Unearthly came a lot of questions but the sequel brings it's answers . Then there was this devastating thing regarding death and love and THAT is what destroyed the book for me . Clara's mom was the one who saved Unearthly for me so if you kill my favourite character , it was not going to make me happy . and then you make me like both the boys and completely leave the story without us ever knowing what their fates are going to end up like and then i get more angry

Anyhow , Clara is clueless and confused about what exactly her purpose meant . She's angry because she keeps seeing this new vision which points out towards someone's death and that she does not know who it is and what can she do to fight it . all the more crazy part is that it's Christian whose there for her and not dearest Tucker .
Tucker is a sweetheart , Christian is like a shoulder to lean on , Angela is her eccentric self and Wendy is non-existent in the WHOLE book and yes , the bad guy is still the bad guy .
Someone she loves is going to die and her feelings for Christian and the love for Tucker are going to send her in serious case of Love-triangle-stress .

what i hate is that Clara is now annoying .
What happened to the quirky , orange-headed , absolutely realistic and relatable girl ?!
she really pissed me off . i know you love Tucker but stop being such a perv . i know Christian's hot but control your urge dammit !
i . hate . you . (in every language)
there was a point where i was so irritated with her that her constant hilarious self-loathing remarks just started to annoy me .

The boys .
i really did like the both of them .
Tucker and Christian ,i really love you both and finally understand why the world loves you both . with all that here-comes-my-kiss and i-love-you-even-though-you-are-stupid vibes i'm sure i was in a bit swoony mood .
Just too bad , you're comparing whose got the balls to love for a dumb chick like Clara .
You guys need to sort out some ground rules .
that half a star is dedicated to you and Mrs. Gardner .

the Jeffrey plot .
i am so bad . i actually wanted him to be a BLACK WING .

the thing that saves this book and provides it's one shining star is the hilarious writing .
There were some great punches and i was really digging the book on those aspects .
the thing i felt this time was maybe because of so much of answers and revelations , the surprise and 'really ? did that just happen?' element was a bit off .
Like okay , Clara's dad is an angel . hmm okay , good for her . and why couldn't SOMEONE BE BAD ! Angela turns out to be a charming lady -.-

and later maybe even after everything , i was just reading a page and i turn the page to see 'acknowledgments' written . and i was like seriously ?! YOU'RE ENDING IT HERE >!>>!>!? b-buu--but i'd started to really like the guys (especially TUCKER , yes he finally caught upto me) but why would you do that ?

with the ending . devastation . and bad guys with zero evilness .
Hallowed , you disappoint me . :/