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I eat books and get eaten by them. It's an uncomplicated relationship. 

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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning This book was released in 2006 and i read it in 2012 .

That is a 6-year gap .

and That is unacceptable .

On which planet was i on ?

anyhow , since i have come across BARRONS!(finally) this book , i'm elated to say that the anticipation of reading about the intimacy and well the Faery-story of A sexy guy and a girl is what evidently made me like this book . A Lot .

Mackayla Lane's sister Alina Lane is brutally murdered in Dublin , Ireland and no one seems to know how . As Mac ( her nickname ) travels to Dublin to set things straight and find the bastard who killed her loving sister , she stumbles upon the knowledge of the Fae world and well other things that looked best on the screen or in a book but apparently are true . in her journey she meets ......do i need to mention ?

Jericho Barrons .
Where were you all my life ?
truth be told there weren't much swoony things in the first one if you haven't read the sex scene in his POV . i mean leave his 'Ms.Lane' habit aside , his lean , taut , muscular and tall body is enough to send those electrical shudders through my body .
on personal note , i hope to know him more .
But on contrary , forget my babble ! i totally ...want him .

this is going to get me in trouble .
i don't care about the plot because there was nothing so Awesome about the mysteries and revelations . it's a fairly entertaining and interesting read with a huge laughing cavalry by it's side .

here . i .come :D