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Catching Suki (Lila, #0.5) - Sarah Alderson “And i blink at her .
She's one of us . She's a psy . This girl Lila , Jack's sister , is a psy .
I haven't let go off her hand and she's tugging at it now , trying to pull away and i realise i'm grinning at her like a lunatic . Then the thought comes to me - if the Unit is hunting us , then surely once they find out about her , they'll be hunting Lila too ?"

i 'heart' Ms. Alderson .
Catching Suki is a fantastic short story written from the perspective of one of the most loved and adored characters , Suki .
Ms . Alderson is quite intelligent when it comes to writing . you write an adventure and then throw merely 14 pages of good stuff at a readers face and then make them pant greedily , pathetically and make them frustratingly wait for it's sequel .( As if Hunting Lila wasn't enough ! )

i had Loved 'Hunting Lila' dearly ! i was head over heels in love with Alex Wakemen ( i still am .) and had secretively loved and enviously read about Lila . ( c'mom she's a telekinesist and she has Alex . this world is a very unfair place .)
Among those pages was this Spunky , Fashionable , Feisty and Gobsmackingly beautiful character , whose power lay in telepathy and was as a matter of fact , Lila's first introductory medium to the world of People who are just like her . that character not only made us laugh but showed us how her attitude could make us adore her , A Lot . And That obviously , My friends , is Suki Nakamura .

In this short story , We learn a lot about Suki's character , While we already know that she's a telepath , that she's the queenbee of sarcasm and is a drop dead gorgeous Fashionista , We come to know about her relationship with the Group which not only highlights facts about herself but also the others as well . We have a look at Demos from the eyes of a person who knows him and how he truly is ! while we saw him as this perfectly dangerous and pathetic Villain who in reality is an ally and a great person in Hunting Lila , we can see him at a glance from those who follow his lead . We can see from their eyes ( basically Suki's but you can't help it because she's like this mischievous-thoughts-invader-terrorist and that's how we know what others think and yada yada yada .) how powerful he is , how he cares about Jack and that women with green eyes ( Lila's mother) and how the memories effect him . We see how they despise The Unit as well . Plus we get a greater look at Nate and Alicia and her relationship with Demos ;)

And Holy mother of God !
Suki doesn't just send the laughing cavalry , She is the laughing cavalry . i laughed at every word , on every page !
Her thinking is so fresh and amazing ! She's Rich , Spoiled and a big brat but one with a huge heart . you could say that she's a bit clumsy as she stumbles upon danger while her intentions are awfully good . it's such a great feeling to read things from the perspectives of one of your most favourite characters .

Other than that , we also get a glance at Alex's feelings for Lila as well .
in 2 paragraphs , i was swooning and grinning like a pig . God knows what i'll do when Losing Lila appears before me .

and did i tell you about the end ?
usually short stories have those chilling ends or one of those with kind of a warm revelation .
The ending here is quite simple . Plain , as i might call it . but WOW . that last line is such a million volt smile booster . the worst part is that while reading , i was so lost in it ! that when the ending came and i saw the words 'ACKNOWLEDGMENTS' written , i almost screamed . or wait , i did scream .
I wish this short story wasn't a short story ! i wish this was a whole novel in itself where i could lose myself in the world of Lila , Suki, Demos , Jack , Ryder , Alicia , Rachel and Alex (of course.) :D

Catching Suki by Sarah Alderson is a treat to a mourning heart .

Thank you Jasprit For the link to this great Short story :)