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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning "Sunshine to his ice. Frost to her fever."

My Review is not going to be long , it's going to be precise .
it's almost been a week and i've finally finished with the Sexcapade and Fae Adventures .

With Darkfever , i met a bimbo whose name is MacKayla Lane . Her sister is murdered gruesomely and no one seems to have a clue why and how . So our bimbo supergirl sets out to Ireland to set things straight and with only one thing gridlocked in her mind ..vengeance .
While in Ireland she learns that she's a sidhe-seer and that she can look past and indentify Fairies .
along the sequels of the book , she learns some shocking things about her sister , about herself and about the Fae world . With her in this terrible mess is this mysterious man , Jericho Barrons , who holds a dark secret of his own .

in Dreamfever , we were left behind with this cruel cliffhanger which i didn't want to believe . obviously who would want Barrons dead ?
it left me longing and greedy for answers and i'd striked up Shadowfever as soon as possible !
in Shadowfever , there are tons of things that are happening and have the ability to rock not only MacKayla's but the lives of every other person or Fae or creature involved in this pathetic game of chess . the book's tagline should've been -> There is more to it than meets the eye . Seriously ! A favourite of mine turns out to be a total Petunia and Mac becomes annoying .

My problems with the book start with it being VERY long . sometimes while reading i would get a little bored and would consider to strike up another book . some parts were very unnecessary ! i just felt that if a little bit would have been cut down then the book would've been more interesting to read . Not that i did not like this book , because i did :)

what i liked was everything and anything that made the book predictable and also unexpectedly different from what i thought .
the first 200 pages of the book were a testimony to my hatred towards MacKayla .
She was annoying , pathetic and self loathing ! okay so you do have problems in your life but honestly you're a big bitch . You sing the songs of being Mac 5.0 and say how strong and Epic she is while the whole time you just stay there and swap spit with your enemies .
ugh . At one point , i just stopped caring about this girl and just focused on the other awesome things about the book .

Other Awesome things being Jericho Barrons and Dani .

Barrons was just awesome in this one . he had me on my toes from Bloodfever onwards and in Dreamfever with his methods of bringing back Mac from the lusty trance of being Pri-ya just burst my fantasy bubble and created a bigger one ! this mysterious man immersed in all his secrets and mysteries just stole my heart . i actually had had a grieving notion for when i came to know about certain things . Mr . Barrons my heart is yours . No wonder that Bimbo fell for you .

Now coming onto Dani :)
I loved this kid ! Her 'fecking' attitude , Her 'fecking' strength , speed , hearing skills and her 'fecking' independence made me love her all the more ! this was the kid who Frame-freezed to save Mac from those Unseelie Princes ! this was the kid who fought like she born with a sword in her hand ! Her part in the book was kinda fun to read about :D
my complain is that with the starting pages in her POV and after a bit about her , her character just disappeared ! i mean i wanted her to be there so Bad . :/
Anyhow i hear , there's going to be a trilogy with her , Ryodan and Christian in it . and trust me this is going to fun . *evil smile*

―Does today amuse, Ryodan? ( asks Mac )
His lips curved. He looked back at Dani and, after a moment, nodded." ―It does. More than it has in recent … years."
"―She‘s thirteen."
"―Time will remedy that."

this was a conversation b/w Mac and Ryodan in Dreamfever . does it strike a ring ? ;)

“Got a job for you.”
“No way,” I say instantly. Ain’t falling in with his crowd. Got the feeling you don’t get to fall back out. You just fall. ’Til you hit bottom. Ain’t going that
low. Got trubs of my own.
“Didn’t ask, kid.”
“Don’t work for nobody calls me kid.”
“Let her go.”
I screw my face up in a scowl. “Who sent the party invites for my water tower?” I’m pissed. Whatever happened to a little privacy?
One of the Keltars oozes from the shadows. Only seen him from a distance. Don’t know how either of ’em got so close to me without me
knowing. Freaks me. I got supersenses and they snuck up on me.
Scot laughs. But he don’t look like a Scot no more. He looks sorta like … I whistle and shake my head sympathetically. He’s going Unseelie
They forget me. Busy looking at each other. Ry-O folds his arms. The Scot does the same.
I take advantage of the moment. Ain’t sticking around to find out what job Ry-O has in mind for me. Never wanna know. And if some dude turned
dark side thinks he’s gonna score redemption playing avenging angel for me, I got news for him. I don’t want it.
My ticket to hell’s already been punched, bags on board, steam whistle blowing.
I’m fine with it. Like knowing ’zactly where I stand.
I freeze-frame out.

Like i said , The trilogy about Dani is going to be some serious fun.

other than that i feel a need to mention something . Is it just me or does every character just think about sex ?

Barrons talks about Sex. Mac is a sex addict . Dani wants to deflower herself . V'lane is the sex god . even the Sinchar Dubh asks to be embraced by Mac because they share a wet , warm bond like SEX ?!?!

seriously .

With amazing characters , Lots of comparisons and talks about Sex and an addictive storyline with Barrons like the cherry on the top . Shadowfever is an Epic end to the series ...For now .

and just like that my plans to write a precise and small review goes down the drain .
Oh what this book does to me .