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Unravelling (Unravelling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris STOP THE COUNTDOWN. SAVE THE WORLD…

such a catchy line .

the 5 stars that are shining above brightly indicate how describing the book as just 'Amazing' or 'Wowie ka Zowie' is a clear cut understatement .
Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris is like a breath of fresh air . After gangling and dancing around with books about Fairies , Angels and Vampires , this was just what i needed .
Since the time i read the synopsis to the time i had the ARC given to me in my email , i have been this pig oozing with jealousy and the desperate need to read this book .
So it's a normal Saturday and i'm lounging around and going over my notifications on Facebook and Goodreads and i feel that maybe i should just check my Email . But the thought of disappointment plagued me and i was like , ' maybe later ' . As much as of a Social networking freak i am so is my heart and so i thought maybe a peek would do no harm...and just then as i clicked to open my Inbox ....

i'm not much of a Gif user . So since i've used it , the book really must be something and it is .

there it was in all it's glory , waiting for it to be finally read .

Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris takes us to San Diego , where our Smart-intelligent-beautiful-never-to-be-a-damsel-in-distress-because-she's-a-load-of-independent-and-responsible-role-model , Protagonist Janelle Tenner is on her way back home after work and is on the phone , talking to her bestfriend Alex , when out of nowhere a pickup truck is hurtling down the road at a very high speed straight towards her and that's how she dies ..
She's in the dark now and she knows that her heart has stopped and that she's dead , when light consumes the darkness and she sees this boy , Ben Micheales , School-stoner-and-bad-boy , leaning over her like an angel with sunshine as his halo and is speaking out those 4 intensifying words , " Janelle , Stay with me ." , like a prayer .
She's aware of something happening to her body and that's when she comes back .
The thing is , she knows that she died that day and is also certain of the fact that whether her logical brain accepts it or not , Ben Micheals brought her back from the dead .
While her brain has been in battle with facts and reality in search of truth , certain string of events regarding to unidentified bodies of the dead and Natural disasters have been taking place and this case is handled by none other than James Tenner , FBI agent and Janelle's father .
With all the snooping that Alex her bestfriend and she do in cases handled by Janelle's dad , the duo comes across a case regarding things that have been happening and which are suspiciously related to Ben .
They discover the existence of a clock which is believed to be a bomb , set up with a timer which shows that they have 23 days and 10 hours left to stop the clock or the world as they know it is going to end .

Who dare to not like this book ? it's just so freaking fantastic !

The backdrop and detailing of Unravelling has been set up intelligently . it's fast paced and there was not one moment where i felt bored and was always on the edge . the style of writing is pretty impressive and i have to give it to Ms . Norris for nailing the emotion of the moment bang on ! The protag is terrified , you feel it . The protag is scared , you feel it . to go side by side and connect with not only the protagonist but all the characters , is in my dictionary a Win-Win situation .
besides that , i also liked the idea behind the book . the storyline took a completely different route from what i had actually anticipated . i also loved the fact that the facts and the plot of the book is crystal clear and that i was never confused and just went with it .
i would have to admit , that at the starting of the book i felt the book was taking the twilight Route . it was a bit Cliched and i had initially feared that the book would just collapse . but damn . maybe it's good that it took that route because excuse me ...if a book took that way and gave me THIS , then i don't really mind :)

Janelle Tenner ,
'Fucking' Fantastic Heroine .
i just love the fact that she's honest and is straightforward . She knows what she wants and knows that in order to achieve what she wants she needs to work for it . Years of handling a Bipolar Mom , taking care of her younger brother with her father almost always away because of his work and also a shattering past has made her strong and independent . She doesn't give a shit of what others say as long it isn't someone close to her . that personality and attitude of hers doesn't make her a robot as the heroines of other novels are most of times . Words do break her and she is human enough to feel things but her sheer strength just motivates her to keep on moving forward . I , in every way could relate to this girl . From her confusion to faith in her best friend Alex and theories and her feelings for Ben , i had this 'nodding' phase where all i could do was 'yeah girl ! i agree with you ! ' because obviously there's always been times when we would be reading a book and the protag would decide to do something stupid like going into a dark forest whereas the only intelligent thing to do would be it's opposite and i.e to NOT GO in the dark forest ! and while the protag makes his/her way into that Forest , we as readers would be screaming our guts off for he/she to just Stop ! and then some dragon or monster would come and catch him/her and then he/she would be trouble and we would have that irritated face and say , ' Dumb person ! you asked for it ' -.-
But this was never the case with Janelle . she did the logical thing and always went with the more believable option and VOILA ! i now have a new favourite female Protagonist ! :D

Now coming onto Alex Trechter .
for those who know and those who don't , i have this huge soft spot for guys with that name .
i don't really know but they just have that effect on me .
Alex was the kind of bestfriend every girl wishes for ! He's intelligent , trustworthy and completely reliable . He looks upto Janelle's dad and fiercely stands up for Janelle . He knows that things aren't really believable yet when Janelle tells him to believe her , he does just that and believes and helps her . I just adored this boy .
when he died , i think i went into my kind of depression.

Ben Micheales .
Bad Boy . Stoner . Mysterious . Secretively loves Janelle . My current crush .
i will not open my mouth about him because you need to read the book to really get to know him .
all i can say is that he's fantastic and that i 'Fucking' Love him .

The Romance was something i just fell head over heels for .
i swooned , fell , got up , read , swooned again and fell again . And with everytime i fell i just kept falling in love with idea of romance more and more .
it was so sweet and strong . Oh man .
there have been times where lines of declaration of love become the highlight and just by reading them i die everytime . The one here , how do i explain it !? i just can't find the right words to do so ! It wasn't much , just those three words and i was blessed forever .

other than that there were these other characters like Elijah , Janelle's Dad and Struz who in their was made their way into my heart .

My heart just broke when i read the end . Why Must Ben Leave ?!??!!? okay so maybe if he would've stayed back the book wouldn't have been as awesome as it is now b-b-bu-but ! i love him

i loved everything about the book and there is no need for me to say it as it's so obvious that you MUST READ IT .
the experience you'll have with this book would defintely be worthwhile :)

ps- if a sequel isn't there you would have a very angry fangirl here .