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Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein It's like being in love , discovering your bestfriend.

Lately i've been a very lazy pig . I'm a bookworm and for me , writing reviews has always been something with an 'automatic' button to it. But like i mentioned , i've been very lazy . Lazy enough to not write reviews . And also lazy to such an extent that i've decided to write reviews for books i want to write about . Anyhow , i just wanted to drive home the point , that i do not feel like writing reviews these days .

Until now ...

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein brought that back to me .
i will admit , that Code Name Verity is very different from the kind of books i usually read . the synopsis of the book always intrigued me . i was very excited for this book ! Bestfriends , War time , Truth , Suspense , Sacrifice ?
Everything about this book , starting from me guessing how the plot would go to me crying my eyes out after knowing what i know , ricocheted my feelings a thousand times than it originally was .

This is the story of two girls .
This is the story which defines friendship .
This is bravery personified.

i feel so helpless because i'm afraid that i might just speak out a little too much and that would totally spoil the book ! because that's the beauty of this book ! it keeps you floozy with questions ! it hits you with the truth ! it just blows you away like a bomb .
i even had this nagging feeling everytime to just turn to the last page and READ .

there was , yes , a time at the start where i felt a bit ..erm , you know ...snoozy .
i felt like just leaving the book . but then i got over the pages and started to get inside the story . I also feel the need to mention how Ms. Wein has managed to create something extraordinary here .
Women have always been the torch bearers to signify the words strength and will . What a Woman can do , What she could do and What she will do symbolizes What she truly is . Her delicate features and her beautiful stance should and could never be used as a reason to say that she's weak . To handling problems , kicking some serious butt , rising their way to success hand in hand with men to bearing children and also raising a family , the will of a woman can never be underestimated . This has been beautifully portrayed in this book :)
The time is set during the time when Europe ravaged with War and Nazis were butchering their way to control . it is the time when a nation needed all of it's resources to put together and protect itself . and this is where we meet , Verity and Maddie .
Verity and Maddie are like everyday girls in each and every way ! their banter to emotional binds they speak out the language of BestFriend in each and every way . There is always this one person who you can share everything with . Always the one who knows the real you . Always the one who knows when to hold you tight and when to slap you real hard . always the one who counts on you as much as you do . who knows that come what may , they will not be broken .

They are always a sensational team .

Code Name Verity , tore my heart and enlightened it to . it's like a haunting oxymoron . It's fresh and full of life . the emotional last pages would leave you drained out . it comes not only with a story of two girls but also with a story of how things were at that time . how it is to be a woman . how it is to know that what you do is wrong yet you have to because it needs to be done . it is heartbreaking yet jubilant . It is sad yet an example which needs to be set .

i recommend ALL to go ahead and read this beauty , because this should NOT be missed .

as i part one last thing i JUST feel that i need to say :

'Kiss me Hardy'