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Cinder - Marissa Meyer “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”

it's just so nice when your thinking and assumptions are bitch-slapped by a book who you thought was just another cliche .

I mean it .

Cinder by Marissa Meyer was one such book . i came across the book during my usual sniffing-the-bookshelves-of-a-bookshop job and immediately thought of buying it ! because as far as i know , i had already seen some favourable reviews about it and also because of that red shoe with that terminator-ish foot which is obnoxiously attractive .

Anyway to begin with , Cinder is a cyborg . She lives in New Beijing with her Stepmother , her two step-sisters and her lovable android bestfriend , Iko . The world she lives in is a world thrumming with Androids , robots and unimaginably developed technology and also with a dangerous epidemic in rounds .
things go completely wrong when her youngest step-sister , Peony , who Cinder terribly loves catches 'The Plague' ( the disease ) . Along with the ruthless exploitative attitude , Cinder's stepmother blames her for Peony's illness and sends Cinder to be a lab rat for experiments against her wishes . it gets further complicated , when Cinder finds herself stumbling upon Kai , the Prince of the Country and also the next-emperor . Further , secrets of her past threaten to not only question her identity but also who she really is .

This is the futuristic take on Cinderella and it was surprisingly goood .
i like the idea behind it . i love the fact that the story had those dramatic punches that make the book interesting .
i liked Cinder . She was this intelligent , independent and strong cyborg-girl who like every girl has dreams , fantasies and aspirations . She knows what she wants and she is determined to work hard to make things work for her . but after all the Badass ideas about her i didn't quite manage to like her just as much as i thought i would .
See i don't blame the girl also . who doesn't turn mush after a brief conversation with a Hot Royalty ?
But maybe the author went a little bit slippery when it came to build the growth of a character .

Now coming onto Kai . i didn't like him much at the beginning . and maybe it's good that i didn't because what he brought out in the end was what made all my feelings for him worth it . HE'S SUCH A TEASE .
i loved the fact that the romance wasn't insta-love and that with the characters getting to know each other , We at the same time were getting to know them too :)

i liked Iko's character the best :D
this little android just stole my heart and kept it golden .

and NOW what i loved best .....


the basic best of the book was the end and the promise that it holds . it was completely breathtaking , exciting and i just adored the fact that it was in right words , Badass .
i like how things were left and how i now know how much i'll be eagerly waiting for the hopefully fantastic sequel . it could be the bitchslapping part or maybe just my infinite love for fairy tales but the next book is a take on Red Riding Hood and i, for one am in a ninja watchout and patient wait for the next one :D

Loved it ! Definitely needs a chance to be read :D