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Night Beach - Kirsty Eagar A gothic story about the very dark things that feed the creative process.

uh huh .
You Said It .

Night Beach is one of those books which are so hard to explain and write about . My attempt to write a review here is going to be a definite failure but let's just give it a try , shall we ?
I'm kinda dumbstruck here . Sure i knew that i would in some or the other way 'like' the book because when you look at this book and peak into it's summary , there's something about it that just oozes of originality and fresh meat , But ! in the end , i didn't expect this book to capture my heart the way it did . this one had my attention right from the start . it pulled me in right from the first page . This is a testimony to those five shiny stars above .

When i was around ten or maybe eleven years old , i was asked to give a speech about how wonderful books are and how they are in some or the other way our best friends for some occasion i can't recall . i remember starting by a quote and then saying that , "books in their terms are magical because they have the power to take us to a whole new different world and have the ability to take us to various realms of fantasy and beauty ." ( now i'm not totally sure if i did say that or not . ofcourse i did say 'magical' and 'different world' , but i may have improvised ( A lot ) .

anyway what i mean to say is , that as a reader and a book lover , i'm well aware of the fact that the statement above holds loads of truth in it and that i have come across many books that have done that to me . Night Beach was one of those strong and beautiful books which were able to captivate me in such a strong way and yes take me to a whole new magical land .

Now you see , the fact that sets this book apart is that not only is it interesting and amazing to read , it's writing is oh-so-gorgeous . it's Simple , non-metaphor-ish and easy to be read even by a basketcase but hits you with a raw and strong emotion .

Night Beach introduces us to Abbie , our main protagonist , whose obsession is everything that is , Art , the ocean and ofcourse the prince charming of her heart , Kane .
it's the time of winter and Abbie's up with her usual surfing with her mates and that's when she sees Kane . she's confused and a bit surprised because Kane was supposed to be out for work and wasn't supposed to be back until a week . What confuses her even more is that Kane not only looks different but acts different too and there is something very dark and gloomy about him . So what happened ?
and further , Why are the things that are taking place even happening ?

Abbie .
was one of those heroines i didn't like much in the start but later grew to love them .
it's all about the sight and the heart .
What people usually do is that they go delve in nature and have a comfortable experience . what some people do is that they delve in nature and 'appreciate' nature's elements and the other various things that come together and make it beautiful . these people are known to have an artist's eye and among these people is our precious Abbie .
She loves the ocean . it's one of those places where she can just let go and feel light . what pulled me back from liking her at the start was her obsessive streak when it came to Kane . okay , so the guy is hot and has this cool surfer dude body and he sleeps right below you and that the electricity around him makes you totally flushed and whack , but could you please control your hormones . seriously .
but by the time i was knee deep in the book , things started to look up and i felt myself looking out for Abbie . sure she's a bit loony but she's just seventeen :)

and now for the scary areas .
see some may feel that maybe i over-exaggerated by saying that i was spooked to death . but i was . i truly was .
chandelier moving . reflections . dark shadows . doors . winds .
these are classic props for spook-a-doodies .
and yes my dear friends , Night Beach had those .

my review would do no justice for what Night Beach truly is .
Ms . Eager has a created a fine book here . and in a total fangirl moment with due respect to the author and the book in itself ,


that's all :)