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Insurgent - Veronica Roth i remember the time when i had just finished reading Divergent .
i was happy because i had liked the book a lot and a bit unsatisfied because i didn't find the Faction-system portrayed in the book logical and in a way did not find the book dystopian .

this is what i wrote at that time : how can you be just 'one' of the things above when these are the things which entirely make up a human being and 'are' what you call , the soul and personality of a person ?
to be a peacemaker , you have to intelligent . to be selfless , sometimes you must accept honesty .
so how the freaking hell will it work ? and what's the point ?
we are only human . but this sound so artificially-mechanised or cyber-plugged !

and right now , what i'm going to write is : TO HELL WITH IT!

i love badass books with badass protagonists and with a badass stortyline.
this book was the mother of all badasses .
guess what i think about it ?


how could i not love it ? it was the right blend of everything ! it was worth all my wait and all the hype that it has been garnering and all the hype that it would gather further . i don't know where to begin! there is so much going on in my mind right now . The end smashed my theories . The book proved to be the successful second book by setting the standard a notch higher . Tris became more amazing . i don't care whether my prince charming goes by the name Four or Tobias because my love for him is totally unadulterated . then again back to the end , which was not good . SO MUCH TO SAY AND SO MUCH TO EXPRESS !

See i'll be honest when i say that i wasn't that excited for Insurgent if it wasn't for the hype . i mean i basically gave Divergent just 4 stars and then there were so many books to look out for and so much to read . i never realised what i had been missing all this while . then when the publishing date kept on coming closer and closer , with all the teaser and updates , i was like , 'well this sounds interesting . wait ! i do remember liking Tris and Four ! Yes this should be read . this should be read immediately !
then i saw all the wonderful reviews that followed and there i was , cowering in a dark corner burning with envy . Thankfully i managed to bag the book in an e-book form and that managed to extinguish my desire to burn . From the first chapter onwards , bit by bit , my experience and feelings about Divergent kept on surfacing while i read Insurgent and that's when i realised that what Ms. Roth has created here , is a massive package of adrenaline , excitement and entertainment ! :D
the best part about the book is that it did not falter in it's step and was successful in achieving the title of being a great follow up !

Let me just begin by saying again , that i loved this book .
right after the events that occurred in Divergent which consisted of Tris and Tobias stopping the simulation attack designed by Erudite to take over control by manipulating the Dauntless and finding the 'I heart you' Mojo , Tris and Tobias find their way to Amity - the peace faction . considering the situation , things are critically hot at the moment and this means only one thing and which is that this . means . war .

Tris is one of those females who i would love to be bestfriends with . ( ofcourse i have my intentions too .)( yes i would be bitchy and totally try to steal her boyfriend .)
When people backstab you in some or the other way , They say that you shouldn't care about them because they aren't worth it . Honest are those who know that it's not entirely true because in the end we are all but human and such things do hurt . Tris was one of those people . i like the fact that Ms. Roth took the realistic approach . i wouldn't have liked her if she would've turned completely stony , badass and superwoman after she accidently killed someone close . it was understandable when Tris had those emotional wars between her mind , soul and heart . how her attitude remains unchanged yet is a far cry from what she was before is just fantastic . the growth of her character is exceptional . She is the Katniss of 2012. and a very badass one . the way she embraced her Divergence was just amazing and then ofcourse comes Tobias :)

TobiasFOURtobiasFOURtobiasFOURtobiasFOUR <3<br/>See this boy is just perfect . what's more amazing is that we get to know about him a little better and what led him to become what he is . and ofcourse his love for Tris , which was undeniably one of the swooniest and beautiful elements of the book ! who wouldn't want a guy who would sweep you off your find and shield you in time of danger . hold you like you were the most delicate thing made on this planet . loved like you were the only one alive .
yes, this is my prince charming i'm talking about .

what sets this book apart is how you come to know so much about everything ! you come to know the other factions a little better ! how the way you see the world isn't the entire and exact truth . i loved how we got more from the supporting characters ! i remember liking Uriah and Christina ! guess what ? now i just love them :D
i love how i don't care about the flaws of the book which according to me weren't even there .
Call me biased or just maybe Lovestruck :P

the badass element with loads of action was like a treat to my wandering soul .
there is something so awesome about that one line or that one phrase which totally defines and highlights the moment ! and when you do experience it , you have this instant smile on your face which you can't seem to take off ! this happened so many times with me while i was reading Insurgent .

"Didn't you come here to find Allies ?" Jack scowls . "if you leave we will side with the Erudite , i promise you , you will find no ally in us , you---

"We don't need you as an ally" Tori says "We are Dauntless."

what did i tell you ?


with the right punches , right information and right everything! i am so proud to say that Insurgent is a sure-shot blockbuster among YA novels . Amazing time .
pathetically and desperately waiting for the next one.
until then ,

one choice can transform you--one choice can destroy you

wonder what the next one is ?
awaken you ? incinerate you ? poop on you ?