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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare i like it for reasons . my reasons .

so basically i was thinking of going ahead and writing 'Review to come' , so that i could sit down calmly , think for a moment and write my review... but to hell with it . i am just bursting with things to say .

So you see , this series is was annoying .
honestly , it was . City of Fallen Angels had been a serious disaster . I had always hated Clary and Jace had never been that much of a favorite of mine .
infact , if you ask me , Magnus Bane , Isabelle and Simon had been the only characters who i liked . who wouldn't like Magnus's quirky and sarcastic attitude ? or Isabelle's fiery and badass approach ? or Simon's nerdy-vampire-smexy Mojo ?

anyhow , to get back to the point , the previous book left us with a very irritating cliffhanger . I for one was screaming my lungs out because i was just so frustrated . Why can't the bad guy i.e Sebastian a.k.a Jonathan Morgenstern a.k.a filthy chap ..just die !
and why is it that after all the 'kick-butt-i-am-superman-strength-and-showdown' does that loser of a hero a.k.a Jace , be bound with the villain .
So this how it is and the point after two weeks where everybody discovers that both , Jace and Sebastian are missing , is the point where the story of this book begins .
Since Jace is pretty much important to the whole world ( i fail to understand why . i could never bring myself to like him . ) everyone's all buzzed upon finding him and our Sebastian darling ofcourse . Since Clary is dumb and proves the power of her dumbness by remaining that way , she does some badass thing and goes off alone to get Jace back while the others which particularly includes Simon , Isabelle , Magnus , Alec , Maia and Jordan are doing what they can do best .

Let's just start the actual review now , shall we ?
methinks that things should always be started on a positive note , so let's just start by spilling out the good things :D

1. Magnus Bane .
He stands resolute on the no.1 podium in my list . Magnus Bane to me was always this funny-stylish-and-completely-out-of-the-world kind of a character to me . I always giggled and laughed because of those witty sarcastic liners he hit me with . he was the character that lightened up the mood of the book and was in a way the main reason i am still reading this series . the thing i like now , is that with this new book we get to see a new side of Magnus . in clear terms , we get to see a deeper side of him . We get to see his pain and his emotions . how he does delve in his past . We have a sneak peek in what the outcome of the next book of Infernal Devices is going to be which doesn't look all that bright to me . damn . this man is my chocolate .

2.Simon .
Simon is the kind of a best friend everyone wants . He's one in a million . i'm going to lighten up on Clary a little bit because she did mention how amazing Simon is and that how people would just die to have a person like him there with you . He is what he is . He will stand by you in dire times . He's selfless in so many ways and that can be seen when he's ready to put his life in danger for Jace who he doesn't even like . He's the kind of a guy you don't want to hurt . and with his vampire Mojo and ultra cool attitude , Simon is the second reason after Magnus Bane to my NOT abandoning the series .
Also , the budding relationship between him and Isabelle is definitely something to look out for ! i like how there is tension between him and her . how it isn't all insta-love and that it's all normal and their relationship is testing them and that with each moment they come to know more and more about each other and that does open them to each other . not instantly ! but like i said , slow and steady .

3.Isabelle .
She is funky . She is cool . She is the ultimate heroine .
i like how we get to see her vulnerable side as well . i certainly want more of her in the next novel :D

4. Maia and Jordan .
how are you supposed to forgive the boy who is the reason to what you truly are ? how are you supposed to love him ? and as for the guy , how are you supposed to convince the girl you love more than anything that she was , is and will always be the one he'll come back for and look for ?
i just love how their relationship bloomed and panned out . though fell a bit slack by the end because they were a bit forgotten by the end , but nevertheless they are another part of the novel that stole my heart away .

5.the storyline .
So i'd like to start by applauding Ms.Clare for the push that has been provided . i mean honestly , you and i both know that the previous one was complete poop . but this ....THIS ...my dear lord...is WOW .
this is something which directs your heart towards things to look out for ! it's fast paced , engrossing and pathetically addictive ! you know that the guy is a complete chicken but you still want to see how he asks out the girl or you know , what i mean .
i might not even be making sense , but yeah , that's all .

6.OOOOH the best thing about the book .
how many people agree with me that the best parts were those that consisted of snits and snats about Will , Tessa and Jem ?

Everyone ?


Each held something of rare and beautiful workmanship- a delicate glass flacon whose stopper was an enormous emerald; a crown with a diamond in the center that did not look as if it would fit any human head; a pendant in the shape of an angel whose wings were clockwork cogs and gears...

"Were you ever in love? Before the Brotherhood? Was there anyone you would have died for?"

"Two people. There are memories that time does not erase..."

“I know about parabatai,” said Magnus, an angry, dark undercurrent to his voice. “I’ve known parabatai so close they were almost the same person; do you know what happens, when one of them dies, to the one that’s left —?”

above things are enough to make me mad .

and also that tid bit about Brother Zachariah .
i do not like to think about it much . Considering the fact that i think , that JEM dies . that's how you can link the parabatai thing Magnus talks about . and that Brother Zachariah is infact , WILL . and as for Tessa? well i don't know but she might as well died as well pointing to why Brother Zachariah says..Two people. There are memories that time does not erase... or maybe to be on the brighter side , Tessa realised that it's best to steer clear from a love triangle and ran away with some loony . Smart girl if she does that . but like i said before . i DO NOT like my train of thought , so yeah completely shut i'm going to be .

7. Maureen .
So this girl is total whack . Funny how a thirteen year old scares the shit out of me .
I'm telling you , this girl is going to rip the next book .
I hope not .

and now the dirty dirty dirty things ....

1.Alec .
it's not a surprise though .
He is whiny . VERY whiny .
irritating , if i should be straightforward .
why can't you just live with the fact that things are not told people for their own freaking good !
he deserved what happened to him in the end . It was harsh though but yes , serves him right .

2.My lack of liking for Jace and Clary .
honestly this shouldn't particularly effect things but i'm a touchy reader and i don't usually like it when i'm not successful in connecting with the main protagonists .
and so here you go .
Their characters were just okay . Not too great , not too bad .

Now the most important part of the book .

This book is his book . it's for him and understand him . He's a character that seriously twists and mashes your brain cells . As much as i hate him for being evil , i can't just hate him . why and how will you hate him ? what's his fault in all of this ? his father practically brought him up as if he was prisoner in a concentration camp . His mom turned her back on him . All his life , anything he's ever felt is Jealousy and Pain . Jealousy from a boy who isn't even his real sibling or his father's real son . there is one right thing he says and that is that even though you know what you're doing is wrong , you can't just change your morals and thinking in just a day . yet , for his intentions and also his goal , i feel his plenty evil and deserves to just die . But there it is again , HOW ! he hasn't even been given a chance .
then comes his feelings . Damn . he's like the classic psycho in a classic horror flick .
what he feels for his Sister is out of my mind . and maybe under his circumstances , it is quite possible , for him , but ......

'But' is the appropriate word for Sebastian .
he will twist every part of you .

and did i mention the end ?
ah yes . it was so electrocuting .

with a renewed juice in it , catchy lines which Ms. Clare never fails to deliver and promising hotstuff ahead , City of Lost Souls , is definitely worth reading . i'm telling you . YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED .

Also , look how smart Ms. Clare is .
2012-> we read COLS , and we go all whoosh and are pathetically panting to read Clockwork Princess because of all that hype she's generated and ofcourse who will ms. Tessa finally choose .
2013 -> Clockwork Princess , you finally what's going to happen and then you die anyway because the end CANNOT be good .
2014 ->City of Heavenly Fire , Keeps you interested because , hey , the picture's still on dude .
2015 ->Lady Midnight , She won't let you forget her that fast . she's going to haunt you with more -.-

Smart , Like i said before .