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Saving June - Hannah Harrington "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum"

Saving June is a beautiful novel . honestly , this book is something beyond beautiful. it's the magic combination of creativity and realistic beauty ....but for me , it wasn't as heartbreaking as i was expecting it to be , Moreover as I wanted it to be .

In this novel , We meet Harper Scott . Queen of Angst , Angry by nature , sixteen year old , rebellious , currently sisterless . In Harper's world , her older sister , June , is this beautiful , intelligent and honest to good sparkling light right in the center of not only Harper's world but almost everybody's world . June is known to be a highly pleasant girl with saintly goodness in her which in all it's nature makes Harper clearly jealous . June in right words is considered as a role model by many . So it is but natural that June's death would come as a nuclear bomb to everyone . Considering the fact further is that June killed herself. Everyone , From June's parents to her friends to even those who never knew her are pretty broken about it . So what do we expect of Harper ? that she's broken too ? that she's shedding buckets of tears everyday ? These questions rock Harper's mind every minute she breathes in her life ..without June in it . She's angry . She feels as if her over-achieving sister just left her to fend for herself alone in this cruel ruthless world . She hasn't even shed a tear . She knows that June isn't there and it's not like it doesn't hurt because it does . It's like a hollow hole took shelter right in the middle of her heart . But it's still there . that question . why did June kill herself ? Why did her sister abandon her princessey lifestyle and a bright future ? June and Harper were sisters . They were close but they weren't necessarily bestfriends . June's absence can be felt . Harper with all her angry wits shuts out everyone even though she's aware that the way she's behaving is pretty selfish .
Among all of this , the only person Harper lets in is her bestfriend , Laney . Laney's character was one which i just loved . i want to give her character whole justice , so there's going to be a whole paragraph dedicated just to her . Now coming back to Harper , when her parents decide to divide June's ashes among each other , our conflicted heroine just couldn't bear the thought of a divided June and so she steals the urn that carried her sister's ashes and sets out with her best friend Laney to....... California . June's dreamland . June's ultimate place to be .

Enter , Jake Tolan .
A Music obsessive , Messy hairy , 'douch-baggy' , mysterious and complicated specimen .
So basically , Harper has no idea why Jake wants to tag along in the journey . She's aware that there is something that Jake is hiding but ultimately in the end their deal of him being the means of transport all the way to California and her allowing him to come for the road trip wins out . And then there were three .
and so begins the journey of three people to the east coast . a journey about Saving June .

(i must sound so dramatic .)

Let's talk about the writing .
WOW . Hannah Harrington , you blow my mind .

"Some people think that a place can save them," I say. "Like if they could just be somewhere else, their lives would be totally different. They could finally be the people they always wanted to be. But to me, a place is just a place. If you really want things to change, you can make them change no matter where you are."

Beautiful style of writing with clever use of Music .
I do listen to music . i have my share of likes and loves in oldies too . but , Oh boy! the way the music's been mentioned and oh-so beautifully portrayed in the book ...trust me , i feel like a Music-deprived Loony .
infact i was so deeply mesmerized and in right words dumbstruck , i just went ahead and downloaded all those songs that have been provided in the playlist given in the back of the book ( thank you so much for that , Hannah Harrington. ) ! though i did have some of them ..but yeah .

“He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that's what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you.”

Also , i was also a bit worried about how Ms. Harrington would handle issues mentioned in the book . Because portrayal of teenage suicide is no cakewalk . Also i liked how Realistic it was . She handled issues of teenage drinking , smoking and natural hormone crazed activities really well . Oh and did i mention the Music .....
The awesome fact about all of it is that i was so lost into the story , i never came out of the book and had it pinned to me as if it was my only lifeline left and also didn't bookmark or highlight things because , I for one , Do that a lot .

i've already mentioned how Harper's character is but now i'd like to point out how i feel about it . i did like her.... but only sometimes .
i liked that she was strong willed and that she was a bit crazy . i'd liked that she wasn't the easiest person to deal with . i liked that she was vulnerable too . BUT ....how selfish is she !
Losing a sister is not easy and I get it ! but you stupid selfish dog ! YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE WHOSE LOST SOMEBODY !
how dare you think that just because your parents are divorced and aren't there and are broken , that you become an intelligent genius and pull off that selfish stunt of stealing the urn and running away to California ? Because woman ! LET ME MENTION IT TO YOU , YET AGAIN , THAT YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO LOST SOMEBODY ! Your mother lost a daughter , what the hell do you expect ? That she give you a medal for what you did ? if you wanted so much for your sister , you would have considered your mom .
And also what makes you think that your Aunt is the scum of the planet ? Don't you get it ?! She's there for YOU . honestly , if your aunt did hate you and did say your name in a disgusted manner and if you would have whined like the way you do , in front of me , i would have whacked your ass off and said , 'You deserve it.'

Laney , Dearest . My favourite character in the whole of the book .
Forget all the bestfriends i would have ever mentioned , this female is the one you want as your bestfriend . She's understanding , hilarious , spunky , full of life , beautiful and a very devoted friend . i loved the fact that she's so into life and cares so much about Harper . i adore the obsession she has for Celebrities who died in their prime and her love for Rap music . i love how she's strong for Harper but is vulnerable as well . i love how she argues with Jake and calls him a “douche-baggy hipster music snob with the tastes of a forty-year-old white guy.”
The fact that she's over-dramatic adds to her hilarious and bright spunk .

Jake .
Swoon Swoon Swoon .
you're rock obsessed . you care . you are complicated . you are a pain the bum . you are my love .
i don't care how that last act of yours was because trust me , if it hadn't been my deep appreciation for you and pathetic attraction towards you ....i would have buried you six feet deep ...with my bare hands .

Oh and did i mention the intelligent use of The Doors ?
that whole steamy thing between Jake and Harper.....was nice .
Like very nice . Just Saying .

Also i was a bit annoyed . the reason being that the end was so ...simple ?
How the hell does Jake manage to get away with such a thing ?!? NOT COOL . not cool .

Also i did mention how un-heartbreaking this book was , right ?
I'm not denying the fact that the emotions weren't there . because they were ! but how is it that by the end which is supposed to be THE point where i crumble down and start to weep like a pig , is the time where i start finding everything so disconnected ?
First off , how can you forgive a guy who carried that one thing that bugged your mind everytime ?!? he saw that you were in pain! he saw you crying ! he saw you puking , For lord's sake ! HOW ?!?

Saving June was basically a killer book in my opinion .
I would totally recommend it to people to try .
i just hope the author takes care of such things later in future , that drew back those five shining stars from shining brightly :)