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Being Friends with Boys - Terra Elan McVoy Soooo.. i finally finished reading this one ! Yay me .

What a disappointment . Seriously .
LOOK at the title ! doesn't it just grab your heart and call out your soul ?!
It's about Being friends with boys for god's sake ! BOYS.
If someone asked me as to what i expected out of this book here , I would have easily pointed out stuff like Love-triangle , Lots of music , A really great premises and ofcourse , BOYS. I'm a romantic , So cheesy ideas come naturally to me .

you come across many books where you read about extraordinary and heartwarming stories of friendship and those pair of friends just become the most cherished parts of your experience with the book and effect you on many emotional levels , Like for instance , In Unraveling , our protagonist Janelle's best friend Alex , Laney in Saving June or the troop of MM in On the Jellicoe Road ! There is something so great about the bond that you share with your bestfriend ! Some crazy thing that reminds you of that person who you would wake up at 4 o' clock in the morning or that person who calls you an hour before midnight on the eve of your birthday and says i'll make sure that i'm the first one to wish you! Don't we all just love to read about those amazing tales of friendship? those amazing people ? the ones that make us laugh and the ones that make us cry ? i had expected so much of these .
I wanted to love this book .
but like i said before , i was thoroughly disappointed .

okay so let's start with the synopsis of the book ,
Charlotte is a sixteen year old confusitus with a glitch in her brain . She's absolutely submissive and gullible . She moonlights as the lyricist of the rock band formed by her two best friends , Trip and Oliver . These people are close-knit friends . They've had days of absolute crackheaded fun and frolic , so it comes as a total shock to everybody when Trip announces that he's out of the band . Adding to that is the fact that someone has to fill for Trip and new recruits means further awkwardness and the absence of the rock-chemistry that bound the band together .
For Charlotte , it just gets messier and messier . Trip and Charlotte share a very close bond . They write about their feelings in a book that's by them and only for them and talk about anything and everything . Due to the separation , Charlotte isn't able to meet to meet Trip that often , things are starting to go haywire with Oliver , The ex-best friend list seems to be growing And suddenly , almost every guy starts liking her ! So yeah , Life's a mess .

If you may recall how i described Charlotte , I said that she is a sixteen year old confusitus with a glitch in her brain . She's absolutely submissive and gullible . and to describe her further She's annoying . Very annoying .
WHY CHARLOTTE ?! WHY ?!?!? Tomboys are supposed to be B.A.D.A.S.S !
You get walked over by Oliver the whole time and when it comes to making amends , YOU'RE THE ONE DOING IT ?
When Lisha does her Bitch attack and Taryn cuts of the phone right in your face , What the Heck Do You Do ?
and how can a girl be so oblivious ?!
Shame . Sad poopy Shame .

The characters fell slack . The book took an evil route . The ending was rushed .
Ugh , i can't even go further ...

Even though , Being friends with Boys , turned out to be a complete disaster for me , i did rate it two stars and that is for two reasons . 1. I'm pretending to just look at the funny , cute parts and mostly music related parts of the book . 2. Benji :)
Also , maybe my disappointment is the main cause to my Medusa-nature , but seriously , this book held lots of potential and had a great concept .
And the BOYS factor is the one which totally let me down , so i'm letting go of that ....for now .

Good start , fell slack by the end .

ugh , my disappointment :/