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For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund I really love and respect Jane Austen and whatever she wrote . Whenever you listen to beautiful people playing and singing beautiful songs with their ultra-beautiful meanings hidden in them , you feel connected and happy . When you see a movie , like for instance the movie that's coming in my mind right now is Marley and Me which was about this beautiful and mischievous golden retriever . That movie was basically his lifestory narrated by his master . It's a simple movie with the simplest story-line on the planet yet when you see that movie , it just tears you apart and speaks to you . Tears fall , Laughter bubbles and you feel almost every emotion known to you in a span of just mere ninety minutes .
When you read a book and you are objected to the story of the novel , there are some books which just steal your heart and make a huge impact on you . There is always that huge or maybe just a tiny part of you that connects with you so much , that it starts speaking to you and you grow so attached to it that your emotions are affected by whatever happens in the story. This is what happens when you read novels written by Jane Austen and that is why , today , her works are celebrated classics and are continuing to be read even after so many years and will also be read in future by the generations to come and her work will be cherished as much as it was in the past and is cherished in the present .
Don't we all get butterflies in our tummies when we read about Mr. Darcy ? Don't we all like to read about the witty and hilarious banter that happens between the two lovers ? Doesn't our heart just skip a beat when there is romance ?
Well that's Jane Austen for you . And Persuasion was Austen's last published work and i love it :)

Now coming to For Darkness Shows the Stars , I'd like to begin by saying that i really think that the title of the book is very pretty.
But! however pretty must the title be the book fails to do justice to it's inspiration .

In an post-apocalyptic world , Technological enhancements and genetic experiments went wrong and rather than helping the human race it started to backfire on them and their physical as well as their mental self started to 'reduce' , in simple words , 'deteriorate' . The others who were against technological and scientific advances managed to survive as they took shelter in underground caves while the world on the surface faced the wrath of man-made disasters . These survivors were the 'Luddites' and as the only 'pure' humans who are without any physical or mental harm , they took upon themselves to control and build a new world . In a normal hierarchy , it all fell into place where the Luddites became masters and the Reduced their slaves with their deformities . The problem began when the reduced started to give birth to healthy and normal children , later named Posts . These Posts were then put up as slaves as well . This in several terms is unjust as what's the difference difference between a Luddite or a Post ? Race . And why were the races created ? because some people in the past tried to make things better but unfortunately their experiment went wrong and thus , this world . So are the coming generations to be blamed ? And to be blamed for what ? For better living conditions ? THAT is unfair and that's how the Posts feel . In this dystopian world are two friends , Kai and Elliot who later become starcrossed lovers . Kai is a Post while Elliot is a Luddite . After four years of a very sad parting between Elliot and Kai because Elliot refused to run away with Kai from the unjust estate , In the middle of financial crisis Elliot rents the shipyard to a fleet of explorers , among which comes back our childhood sweetheart and now a badass explorer , Captain Malakai Wentforth with a bang and bucket of ice cold water of reality determined to make Elliot repent for what and who she lost .

To be inspired by a novel is one thing but to write up the same story with different characters is cheating . Also , Slavery is detested for a reason . In World History , the practice of slavery is fought over for a reason . The constitution of every country mentions the idea of fundamental rights , human rights and equality FOR A REASON ! and that reason is that slaves were abused , exploited and had to meet with horrifying things . Their living conditions were worse than anything that can be imagined . In short , The world wasn't a very happy place and wouldn't have been if this practice had prevailed . So why is that , that what the slaves went through in the book wasn't as bad as the author wanted it to be . There are some things known as the 'cringe factors' which are sometimes necessary in a book , especially in a dystopian novel because what would be a dystopia if there is nothing to be afraid of or about . So in my opinion , the slaves had a pretty luxurious life in this book . And if their life was really sad then they weren't mentioned about all that much .

Also , The protagonists weren't that like-able . I mean I know what Elliot's great sacrifice was all about . I also know how hurt Kai felt . I understand how each and every character went about with their actions and thoughts but i just didn't buy it ! i don't mean to say that what characters did particularly antagonized all my liking for them ! All i'm saying is that I live for depth and that belief in what i read . I didn't feel sad or happy for whatever came . How am i supposed to acknowledge the result if i don't believe in what i read ? You swoon when you read cute and sexy things because you go ga-ga over what's happening and you almost wish it happened to you . you cry because what you just read hit the right spot in your heart . And all of this happens because you believe in what you read . You believe in the romance or heartbreak put in front of you . and this unfortunately wasn't the case for me and this book .

The only thing i find original and to which this book owes those three stars is the concept of Science v/s Nature . You don't what's out there in the universe . Some things are so mysterious that they almost creep your brain out . Here , the cause of hierarchy was because of an experiment gone wrong . So who should be blamed ? Extensive use of science ? Humans that bear a superiority complex to that of our God's as they try to come together and create what God created or better , enhance it ? Will our doing be our ultimate end ? Many wars have been fought on this issue . Revolutions have happened . Rebellions carried out .
The use of this concept was a very nice move and kudos on that to Ms. Peterfreund .

And the last problem .
Why is that after a whole drama 350 pages would you rush and end the book on a very hushed tone ? Why would you make it so ....simple ? Was all that drama worth nothing ?
So here it is the ending , Very rushed . Ruined the book . Honestly .

That's pretty much it .
Also , as others have mentioned ! The cover ! not appropriate at all ! the way Elliot has been described is a completely different version that that of in the cover !