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Adorkable - Sarra Manning ......”I look to the past to see what our future will be like . And in times of economic hardships and harsh governments , of pointless wars and mass unemployment , there was pop art and there was punk , there was hip hop and and graffiti , there was acid house and riot grrl . There was art and music that could bring you to your knees with their utter perfection . Because , when everything else is gone , All we’re left is with our imagination .

Adorkable by Sarra Manning grabbed my heart and played with it in the best possible way . You choose a quirky , eccentric ( in an appreciable way , of course .) , creative , fearless , independent and a total badass as your protagonist . You make her say things that you usually want to hear and which makes you stand up and pump fists and hoot like a crazy person . In addition to that , You add the world’s bestest male protagonist with a cute smile , almond shaped eyes and a totally banging personality , As if that hell of a girl wasn’t enough . You mix lots of awesomeness and real teenage drama in it . And then you stand back with that smug face of yours , ready to see people get lost in it’s intoxicating dazey magic . Very Smart , Ms. Manning . Very Smart .

Adorkable is a cocktail of all the awesomeness that is in the world .
While reading this book i found that i was questioning myself with some of the meanings of some words . I basically started to confuse myself in a very weird way which only happens to me and my amazing brain and so i started on one question , ‘ what does the word dork really mean ?’
Finding out the answers to my questions wasn’t all that difficult because Google is totally my bitch . So here i am with my answer after a minute of research and hardwork on the internet and my answer happens to state that , A dork is a silly, out-of-touch person who tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others , which in simple words means , a socially inept person . Ms. Manning took this concept , made it relatable , hilarious and spunky while sending one deep and simple message through her writing and that is to BE YOURSELF . Because in the end , being you is being true .
Who cares if the popular girl hates what you wear ? Who cares if that cute guy in your class doesn’t even look at you ? who cares if what you said sounded utterly stupid ? Who cares if what you think is right is what others things is totally uncool ? Who Cares ?
In the end , it’s always you who matters .
Believe in yourself . Belief is the first sign of strength and strength is what takes a person ahead in life .

With a similar way of thinking , Jeane Smith is our strong , dorky leading lady with a fabulous blog and attitude . She believes in being what she believes in . However obnoxious she may sound when she says things at a point of time , later on you can truly see what she means and you can see yourself nodding at everything that she says and everything that she does . She doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her , No sir . Also according to her , if she has to dress up like everyone else and listen to the same songs and talk in the same freaking way and do whatever ‘yawnsome’ thing her fellow humans do just to fit in , then no thank you . Adorkable is the way she rolls . She would bend down to no one if it wasn’t for the right , not even when the hottest guy of the school comes to her and talks to her . She can see why people fall for the masterpiece that stands before her but as badass as she is , she totally cuts him off and shoves his crap right back at him . Ofcourse later things change between this particular masterpiece and her but thank god their love isn’t instant . We thrive on banter and intelligent comebacks and this book in itself is so genius , let alone the chemistry and amazingness between the masterpiece and Ms. Adorkable .

Try to not to hold your breath my friends because Jonah-incarnate is here .
Michael Lee . The Masterpiece .
So basically Michael is the king of the school and a complete allrounder with mad skills . He can and could get any girl he wants because as Jeane puts it , Boys want to be him , Girls want him .
Nobody challenges him and why would anyone even ? So it’s but natural when Jeane the terminator crosses his path and smartmouths him off and he doesn’t even get to have the last say . Although as the story progresses and he gets to see the world through Jeane’s eyes and starts to fall for her , he doesn’t magically like everything about her ! he still thinks that she’s not pretty . He still thinks that she’s horrible and rude . He still thinks that she’s a tad irritating . Like i said , it wasn’t insta-love . You have to see , when hot guys fall for girls who are their polar opposites they tend to just suddenly find her amazing and that if he would’ve noticed this girl before then he would have liked her then as well and as diabeticallyinlovewithsugarromance that we are, we love what we read and just swoon . Who are we kidding in this situation . Everybody notices Jeane and you don’t need any prompting . Everyone notices why she has that superior look . yet in some mangled and twisted way you see something that no one sees.
And this is what Michael felt and he is my hero . Because even though he’s a total asshat sometimes he really does care when he needs to . And this is reality . When reality collides with Fantasy it creates something so wonderful , you keep swooning and swooning until you’ve turned into a gooey mess .
Honestly , i get very sentimental when it comes to the love factor because , i am , in the end , a hopeless romantic . What i mean to say is that the romance was a part of this book but it was just a mere part while the real beauty was in the little details and the concept . The real beauty lay in that simple message and the execution of sending it out .

And that is why i gave the book 4 stars ! i didn’t want it to end ! i wanted it to last forever .
It’s nothing personal and you can’t blame me after throwing at me such a book .

Want to know what awesome is ?
Read this book and embrace it first-hand :D