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Perigee Moon - Tara A. Fuller I'm in depression . My heart is broken .
Why ? Why oh ?
Why did you have to be so unlikable .

It seems that disappointment is in the air .
As you all might know , I'm a die hard fan of books with guys who have Alex as their names . Also I'm a romantic and I love sappy romance with lot's of crying and lot's of love and just lot's of sugar .
So for me , Perigee Moon has to be the perfect thing to read , right ? unfortunately , it hurts to say that , No it's not .

See I'm going to cut to the chase , You have Rowan . Her life is in a mess . She lost her mother few months ago , has psychic powers which make her feel weird and because of which she describes herself as a freak . Her father , lost in his own sadness doesn't quite acknowledge her presence and it's damn right depressing for her to be around people who constantly remind her of her mother's death . So to escape it all , She moves to Ipswich to stay with her grandparents . A New Life , A New beginning . New school and New friends . And she's easily accepted with loads of male affection towards her .
It all changes when she comes across this gorgeous guy with dark hair and blue eyes that pierce right though your soul . There is an instant attraction between both of them and you can say that it's love at first sight but in a more creepy paranormal way .
But things can't be so easy can they ? There is something different about Alex . Something Dark and Mysterious .
And what we find out is that Alex is a witch .

Even though there's an obvious fire between the two , they just can't be together . and why is that ? because there are evil things lurking around .

When I had finished reading this book , I knew that there was something very familiar about how things went . I have read something like this before but I couldn't quite remember what it was . That was until I started to look around in some of the reviews and came across a review that just about says everything I feel .
here you go.. the honest truth .

Couldn't like Rowan . Infact she was very irritating .
Alex .... couldn't like him as well .

Thoroughly disappointed .