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Partials - Dan Wells Finally , A post-apocalyptic dystopia ....that makes sense .

Badass Female protagonist .
Questions that are answered and answers that give birth to more questions which makes the experience all the more exciting .
Loving whatever Science is in the book . This coming from a person who hasn't been in good terms with Science , Ever.
Lot's of action . Good calculated action .

Yeah .

Partials is such a great book .
Here , We meet Kira Walker . Sixteen year old , medic in training and wants to save the babies that have been dying .
It's been eleven years since the Partials War happened .
Eleven years since the last baby was born .

Humans created Partials - Genetically engineered organic robots identical to human beings . In short , something similar to a terminator .
Partials were supposed to be the greatest weapons ever created until it all backfired . There was a war and it wasn't pretty . 99% of the human population died and all those who are left have vowed to create and build a new world together . But the existence of the Partials still threatens their own existence . Apart from that , Since the war took place and ended . No baby has survived . Every new born who takes birth just manages to survive for some hours or just a day or two and die . While the survivors seem to be immune , the babies however seem to have no such immunity in them .
It's a grave situation . Humanity's time is running out . With no generations to come and an inevitable end , it seems hopeless unless a cure for the disease can be found .
When Kira learns of her bestfriend , Madison's pregnancy , she determines to save her and her baby and so she sets out with her friends for finding the cure . As she continues her journey in search of a life changing dote , she comes across things that were overlooked and somethings are not as they seem to look like . and it is very correctly described as being a pulse-pounding journey into a world where the very concept of what it means to be human is in question—one where our sense of humanity is both our greatest liability, and our only hope for survival.

Let's begin with the technicalities of the book , I agree with those who say that the starting was a tad boring and the first could have been better . But I also agree with those that the second half totally makes up for the first half . It's so awesome that even partakes the making up and gives us a hell of a ride ! It's pace is okay and I like how everything is explained so well . I love how things aren't rushed like they usually are and I love the fact that Mr.Dan Wells chose took a realistic approach by introducing basic human facts of life which we never usually think about .
Kira Was one those girls who I could put in a league where Katniss Everdeen and Tris Prior stand tall . She knows what she's doing , She loves what she does and the most important of all , She has faith in what she does . She's a medis in the hospital . She has seen babies die right before her eyes . She has seen the condition of those poor mothers who lost their babies . She has helplessly looked through everything like everyone else and hasn't found anything that seems to be the right thing . When she decides to find the cure , she knows that she would do anything for the cause , even if she has to die . She cares and is wonderful and just about makes up a great a protagonist without being Annoying . Loved her .

I liked how romance was downplayed and wasn't given the top priority . This coming from a person who is a die hard romance fan .
Sometimes you need to draw a line . I know teenage hormones are at full blast when you're so action deprived and that authors tend to make their dystopias a tad too romantic that even for me , Just sucks .
Kira and Marcus have been together since they were just thirteen years old . She knows she loves him and she knows that if she were to spend her life with someone it would be Marcus .
Though yes , Like I said , Romance was a bit downplayed . and Like her own insecurities of whether she truly loves Marcus or not owing to the fact that if she has to abandon her work for her love , then she wouldn't . Also it could be another thing , because in the end , Marcus is her safety net . He is there for her and she does realise that what she feels for him isn't infatuation but obviously more than that .
Though if you ask me , I just found Marcus okay . I mean , he's a good guy but yeah just not as The guy for Kira .

To make things more complicated , Kira comes across a Partial who according to me is The guy for Kira . unfortunately , you know , he's a partial and she's well human . Major Spoiler . All you Peekaboos don't even try to set your eyes on this one if you haven't read the book . Isn't the idea of Kira and Samm being partials and him saving her and you know feel the feelings awesome ?Also the fact where Partials can't reproduce and you know the fact that they want to and Kira being available and Samm being awesome ? you get my point xD
Like I said , things aren't always as they seem and when Kira starts to understand the world from a Partial's point of view , she also discovers how humans are the biggest enemies of their ownself .Their greed . Their want of power . Wars . This is where it all began . So who is to be blamed ?

Then you have great supporting characters like , Jayden , Xochi , Yoon , Madison and Nandita .
Just loved all of them . My favourite ofcourse being Jayden . Oh man this man .
So amazing . So swoony .
His sacrifice . His zeal to protect . His determination . Him . Love . Him .

I love how everything turned out . and I love how Mr. Wells went ahead with the pace and the story . With all the sciencey stuff , it has a deep meaning to it as well . We get to have an insight on human morals and this , for me , was the icing on the cake .

Also , did i mention the Cliffhanger?
Wow what an ending and what a way to make readers pant for more .
Loved every bit of it .
That tiny loss of star because of the boring First half and the rest you know , for all it's glorious awesomeness .