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The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) - Abbi Glines Okay .
So I did not know what was happening and started reading this book . I was kinda confused at first because hey , this was supposed to be Beau's and Ashton's story , So why was I in Sawyer's and Lana's head ? I mean , by all means I was enjoying myself A LOT and by A LOT , I mean even more than I had actually anticipated ! and later when my brain started functioning for real , I realised that I had ordered the second book . Yeah , hehe , stupid me .
So for those who haven't actually touched the book , The first book is The Vincent Boys . But honestly , If you want my opinion , I suggest that you don't waste your time and just go ahead read this one here . It tells you about everything and whatever you want to know about ! Also , it has a nice broken beautiful boy and an acceptable girl as protagonists . and the story is just yummy and sweet .

It's the classic plot of a Girl who likes a guy and changes in a good way for the guy to notice her . But the guy is smack in love with his ex-girlfriend whose dating his brother which according to me totally sucks . Then the guy sees the girl and starts to like her but in a more physical way . For the girl , it's a dream come true . Then the guy falls in love with the girl as does the girl with him but the girl starts to think that he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend who btw is her sister which according to me is just whack o.O and then she runs away and then the guy finds out that she ran away and tries to find her , breaks things and just you know cries and when he finally does find her , he runs to her and well you know , they live happily ever after .

I don't care about Ashton and I dont care about Beau because honestly , I don't like them much . Okay , i get it , You love each other and you are meant to be together ! but seriously ! Don't act so cheesy that I cringe everytime your love is mentioned . Beau , I get it you love Ashton like crazy ! but dude , get yourself an anger management therapist . So what if Sawyer bitchfaces your girl , cut him some slack ! your 'pure' girl did sleep with you when she was with him ! and i hope you understand that she cheated on him ! And she did break up with him after he found you cuddling with her ! and they were going out for three years ! THREE YEARS ! So control your fists and all the barking that you do . You moronic creep .
And Ashton , darling . Stop crying . Start managing your creep .

Lana , you were nice but just too irritating at a point .
See , it's not like I didn't want you and Sawyer together but dude seriously , You should have slapped him when he acted stupid and did stupid things .
So yeah , use your brain .

Sawyer , okay .
I'll just describe you in 6 words .
'Sexually-aroused-almost-the-whole-time' . Learn to control your hormones boy .
You're cute and nice and that's why I'm forgiving you .

See , this book has a cute cuddly story . and It has a smexy element to it too ! if you know what I mean .
It's a nice past-time book :)
So go ahead and read it .
I assure you that it would make you smile .