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If Tomorrow Comes - Sidney Sheldon I'm a bit busy and boring these days , so my reviews are going to be a tad slow in pace , but anyhow , since I'm here let's do it shall we :D

If tomorrow comes by Sidney Sheldon .
This is Tracy Whitney's story . And it's quite an adventure .
When Tracy's mother Doris Whitney commits suicide , Tracy , a successful software engineer in a well known bank goes back to New Orleans , her hometown , to know as to why her free spirited mother gave up on life . While in New Orleans , she learns about the various people who are responsible for her mother's death , she also comes in terms with the fact that revenge is not easy because the ones who she's after , belong to a powerful background . After being shoved and charged for things that she hadn't done and being sent to the prison for the crimes she hadn't committed , Tracy knows that all that there is left for her is now , is to wait and plan and get back at those responsible for her condition with a bang .
Now , this isn't just the story , After revenge has been served full , What is Tracy to do now ? And that's when her real adventure starts . An adventure that involves lots of thefts , lots of fun and ofcourse her perfect competitor , Jeff Stevens .
Before reading If tomorrow comes , I had read The other side of Midnight by Mr.Sheldon and that book was just whack ! So many twists and turns ! So many heart thumping moments ! So much of smexiness ...*coughs* . Like I was saying , I had read that and I was obviously pulled forward to this one her after I found it . And I'm glad that I picked up this book because it's lovely . Tracy Whitney is a strong character . She's smart and beautiful . After being pawned and sent into prison even though she had nothing to do with the crimes she was charged with , She knew that her life was ruined . But this woman will not back down and so this woman army sets out to ruin the lives of those who tried to ruin hers . After the rounds of vengeance , the life she lives after is just so fun to read about ! Enters our Male protag , Jeff stevens ! Hah ! this man . So much fun .
Wouldn't the idea of a Man competing with a Woman and that also in the field of --- Con artistry and the thief world . be just gorgeous and fun ?
Well that's what happens ! and omg ! the ending ! hahahaha :D
This isn't particularly your funny-make-me-laugh sort of a book , but it in right words is amazing and entertaining . This book could never bore you ! and you might want to read it again and again :D
If you want to have the taste of thrill and an intelligent storytelling , so bide some time for this amazing book :)

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