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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher “You can only give your heart away once, after that, everything else will chase your first love”

The Opportunist is one of those books which can be perfectly described as an emotional roller-coaster .
There are some books that act completely bitchy by playing with your emotions and their motto for life is to simply make readers cry . And then there are some books which are immediate lovable treats because all they want to do is to just make you smile .
By accounting my experience in the field of mad-reading , there are usually five reactions that I expect from myself which is ofcourse based on how I might have liked the book that I would have or am reading .

Reaction no.1
Ultimate Fan girl . Lots of swooning . Lots of jumping . Lots of goofy smiles . Lots of day dreaming . Lots chocolates .

Reaction no.2
Ultimate Depression . Tears pool and drops fall . The Hanky becomes my bestfriend . Sometimes cases of nose running may occur -- but forget I mentioned that . You are emotionally attached to the characters and the pain cuts your heart and you , ultimately . die ( in theory ) .

Reaction no.3
HaHaHaHa . Snorts . Lots of snorts . Grunts . Pffffft's . Simple nonsensical laughter .

Reaction no.4
Tear the pages of the book . Throw away the Ipad . The characters could be fictionally murdered .

Reaction no.5
BORED . therefore , abandoned .

Now the most Epic books are those which inculcate all those reactions except the fifth one as that would be sad and may be the fourth one could be made into an exception as well because that would be totally brutal .
As you may have guessed , With those Five stars shining brightly above , my love for this book is obvious.
I love this book , A lot . I LOVE this book .

I was this clueless girl meandering in the world of disappointment when a real cool girl ( I love you Kajal :* ) recommended this book to me and told me to give this beauty a try . She said , that this book managed bag rave reviews for itself and the prose looks pretty badass , so why not give it a try ?
I downloaded the E-book immediately and left it among several other books that were to be read in my TBR pile . As much as I have many other books waiting in my TBR pile that are just calling out my name in their desperate voices with requests to be just picked up and gobbled up , The Opportunist seemed to grab my eye everytime !

I mean , just look at it and it's prose !
Olivia Kaspen , Single and Reputed for clumsy and life-ruining decisions , finds out that her ex-boyfriend , Caleb Drake happens to have met with an accident and due to which he became amnesiac , which means , that he doesn't remember who or what Olivia Kaspen is . Now , Caleb Drake is your ultimate dream guy . He's the too drunk on his looks kinda guy who comes across this snobby , indignant and beautiful girl (Olivia) who has every bit of that sexy I'm the man. air around her . He's the Jock who falls in love with his complete social opposite . He's horny like a normal college guy . He takes care like a gentleman . He's ready to fight for the one he cares the most about . He loves his girl with all his heart . So when Olivia finds out about his current blank state of mind , she makes up this plan to win him back and make him remember the love they shared together . The only thing stands in her way is Caleb's current girlfriend , Leah Smith . Bitchy raised to the power of infinity , this is a girl who you can see loves Caleb as well and is ready to fight for him too ! So what happens when two ex's go back down the road of what had been ? What happens when two girls fight for the one ?

The opportunist starts out with in a highly sweet fashion . I love how Ms.Fisher weaved words and put down the story the way it is . Love is something that belongs to all . While Romance junkies like me may love to read and dream about fairytale lovestories and cliches we wished that were true , the idea of love is prominent in every aspect of life portrayed by every living creature . Love isn't just a feeling or an emotion , It's a bond . A relationship . A glue . A destroyer and A saviour.
All of the elements mentioned above have been beautifully played out in the whole book . It's power is so strong and gripping that you can almost feel the tenderness and heartbreak of all of it seeping through you .
The magic of first love ! The strength of love ! Redemption ! Trust ! What you could do to get what you want ! Basically , the magic of everything !
I'm a bit dumbfounded , if I may be honest .
I wasn't even planning on writing this review . I wanted to give it some time to think and write a wonderful , neatly put out review for this one here because this book deserves it ! It deserves those five stars ! It deserves recognition ! It deserves to be read ! It deserves to be absolutely famous .
But sometimes my admiration just gets the best of me and so , here I am , typing like a frantic insomniac at 2 am .

I don't know what to say or rather , how to say to convince you to read this beautiful book . In my experience , This book had everything ! there were cute elements that you wished happened to you . There is that heartbreaking conclusion and base which chokes your throat and makes you cry . And it is when you start connecting with the characters in the book feel their pain and happiness is when you know that the author has touched the right cords and that this book will stay with you forever .
Olivia Kaspen , For instance , Isn't naturally the most likable girl at first sight . She is irritating and wrong in so many levels . The whole time all you feel like doing is to just get inside the book and just beat the shit out of her .
But hey you don't need to do that , because our dear Olivia realises .
She knows and understands that what she's done is wrong and that the guilt of everything will probably blast her off.. but what is a girl to do ? Wouldn't you just fight your way through a huge crowd of people and bag the movie tickets for the movie you really want to see ? In a similar case we could put Olivia's judgement and character .
And it's not like you are wise from day one . Life is all about falling and getting back on your own feet . And this is basically what Olivia's character symbolises . Her character growth is just precious ! Coming on to Caleb . What could I say about this man ?
My words wouldn't do justice . He is that perfect .
He is the man you want to marry . He is the kind of man , I want to marry . And when I say that , I really do mean it .

The Opportunist is not a book . It's a journey . Life gives you many opportunities in life . You can't always get what you want . But you could work hard for it and make things better for yourself.
This book is eternal . It gave me goosebumps . It's beautiful .

and I think I'm going to cry , yet again .