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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens This is a book about a cheating girl who makes me want to incinerate her .

Thoughtless by S.C Stephens had been there in my TBR for a long long time and right now , I'm in this phase called 'Finish your TBR book pile' . It's just that there are so many books piling up ! and its all just a tad too much for me and so here I am , scrounging through all these books :P
Soooo anyway , It had been there for a long time now and it had a nice rating for it , so I absolutely thoughtlessly jumped into it .

I wouldn't consider it a mistake . I just consider it Something between okay and not nice .

This book is long . Like very very long with lot's of unnecessary chapters to it .
It's long like Love Unscripted ! but while I abandoned the other one , I couldn't stop reading this one .
This book is like my personal guilty conscience . *gulps*
But since I finished this one , I've thought a lot about how I found this one and the analysis is not so appealing . here's how :

Keira Allen . Has a gorgeous loving boyfriend with an Australian accent . Did you hear that ! Australian Accent . *dies*
She loves him a lot . They've been together for 2 years and are perfect for each other . That's until Denny ( her god-boyfriend ) bags his dream job in Seattle and chooses to move away but promises to come back for Keira when she finishes her college ( look such a nice guy) . Clingy , needy Keira can't bare the thought of being without him and so she packs her bags and leaves for Seattle with him . Now , Denny has this bestfriend of his , who he knows from his glorious days of high school . That bestfriend of his is , Kellan . Rockstar , Sexy , beautiful . The time Keira and he meet , she just can't keep her eyes off him .

Now , Denny is told to go to out of station for two months for some businessy work and....
what does Kiera do ? She cries . She cries . She cries . She cries..AND She snuggles with her boyfriend's bestfriend .

That female dog .

And duum dumm dumm ! Denny tells her that his job has offered him a cool position and that he has to stay back for it , for 2 years . That , I agree , comes as a shock to both Keira and me and so , she decides to break up with him which she does .
And what does she do next ? Go do the guy her ex-boyfriend considers his bestfriend .

Like I said , Female Dog .

But remember how I said that Denny is such a lovable chap ?
HE COMES BACK . he comes back for her !!
and what does Keira do ?

Be unfaithful .

That female dog .

She not only hurt poor Denny . She hurt Kellan as well . Right after Denny's back , she goes and does things with him too ! and when Kellan decides to go away ! she stops him , cries and does things with him tooo . That is outrageous ! And i hate her . you could say that the word hate is a total understatement for what I feel for her .

The book is long . with phases of her being unfaithful and highly pathetic to both the guys .

In my opinion , both the guys , Should have thrown her into a dirty pit of poop .

silly boys .