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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor "Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well."

Haha . That's like the best tagline anyone can throw at you and then not expect you to be attracted and read this gorgeous book .
with this line we can settle upon point no. 1 . ie. that ,
Laini Taylor is good with words.

The Cover is like the world's most beautiful sight on the entire planet . That blue effect of that mask . That black and grey shade of background . Kill me now ! Kill me for I have sinned for not reading it sooner .
But before that , we can settle with point no.2 . i.e that ,
Laini Taylor is a smart author.

Then the synopsis tells us , that in Prague , a seventeen year old art student , Karou leads a mysterious double life .To the nice world outside , She'a an artisty quirky girl with blue hair and lots of tattoos who disappears mysteriously to run some 'errands' and lives alone in her flat as she's an orphan and is always immerses in her sketchbooks .If I were to see a beautiful girl walk past me with blue hair and tattoos , I would think , yeah , she's just some random girl who likes to dye her hair blue and likes to ink herself .
And if she was a friend of mine who went MIA on me frequently then I would think that either she's doing something illegal or either she's a serial killer or maybe she's just a random freak who likes to do freaky things .
But, the truth is that she's far from all these assumptions . Her hair is naturally blue . She has no clue how she got her tattoos .. well maybe some she does but atleast 99% of them she doesn't . Then she goes MIA to not just run errands . but some errands which connect her to the devil shop owned by a devil named Brimstone along with other devils named Issa , Yasri and Twiga . And something about nice lovable devils always excite me :D
Lovable devils ? how ?
Now even though she just errands for them , they are the only family she has . They looked after her with all the love and affection that a child needs since she was just a toddler . Brimstone plays the father figure in her life . She loves them a lot and can't think of anybody who could ever replace any one of them . But while she loves them a lot , their home isn't her home . her real world is the world outside among the humans .
So how did she get connected with them ? How did she get all her tattoos ? Who is she ?
Also mysteriously , black handprints are turning up everywhere , what significance do these handprints hold ? What happens when Karou comes across the mysterious angel Akiva who seems to be drawn to her in unexplainable ways ?

With this we settle upon Point no.3 .

I was pushed towards this book by a close friend of mine and I'm glad she did .

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is fast paced and highly engrossing. It's one of the coolest additions in the Paranormal genre ! The picture that the author has painted is just gorgeous ! Ms. Taylor has mad writing skills . The characters of the book are all likable and portray their roles to the maximum best . I even liked Brimstone's pet Kishmish .

who is basically this .


but with just the beak of a crow ....

Also in Hindi language , Kishmish is the name for raisins .
and something about the connection of raisins with bats really make me find the whole picture adorable ........

No ?

Anyhow , Like I said , Good writing , Amazing way of storytelling , good characters and nice artisty things ! Also the end was like so obvious . I mean obvious in a different way . All the while , the whole story revolved around Karou's identity . Then the revealing of identity has got a nice shocker in store to make Akiwa look like the bad guy ...now while reading , I must have made up several scenarios of what it could be..in the end it was the thing which was so obvious but which still came as a blow . Isn't it obvious why Karou would hate Akiwa ? He killed Brimstone . Isn't obvious that to find Karou , he'd go to Brimstone's shop and since he's an angel and Mr.Brim a devil..what else would he practically do ? *facepalm* . Poor Akiwa .

Amazing book .

That one missing spot among the stars is because I'm a bad girl and I want more ! hah . *manic laughter*

So excited for the next one ! And as for those who haven't read this book yet , don't be a cranny , grab this book and enjoy life B|
Also , now when I think about , I realise that it's good that I was late in reading this book because then I don't have to wait as long as the others ! xD

But then there still are those two months....

*picks up a gun to shoot her friend*