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The Unquiet - Jeannine Garsee rating-> 3.5

“Can Aa-a-ana-liese come out and play?”

I'm usually a fast reader , so to take a week to finish this book is a shocker for me . Now as you may notice , I have given this book a rating of 3.5 which in my opinion is pretty huge . When I had read the synopsis of this book , I was hooked onto it ever since . Haunting ? Spooky ghosts ? A haunted corridor ? A ghost named Annaliese ? Also a bipolar protag ? Now who wouldn't want a piece of that .

Rinn Jacobs , a sixteen year old girl who is bipolar moves to a rural locality in Ohio from California after her grandmother's tragic death . This is the place where her mother grew up , so it is but natural that this would be a nice place to start over and stay well , right ? Wrong.
As Rinn settles in her home , she comes to know that her little new home is quite popular . And popularity why ?
An old lady killed herself in that house . And to Rinn's absolute horror , the old lady killed herself in the attic a.k.a Rinn's current abode a.k.a her cool place a.k.a her room .
To follow further are the rumours about the ghost of a girl named Annaliese who haunts the pool area and a corridor tagged as the 'tunnel' . Rinn is this girl whose new in town and is soooo curious that she agrees to have a nice tea party with ghosts , so she and her friends plan a seance . But hey you don't mess with the supernatural ! So thus , starts the ultimate saga of stupid teenagers .
Amidst all this comes Rinn's bipolarity and her mental condition and ofcourse , Annaliese and yes there's a cute hunky guy too .

Before I had started , I had gone ahead and checked several reviews and there was this one review which said that 'For a ghost novel there isn't much of a 'ghost' in here' and I absolutely agree with it . Like I mentioned before , I'm usually a fast reader , so taking a week to read this one here is quite surprising , considering the fact that it isn't all that long and you could just breeze through the chapters . For me , the reason why I couldn't just plunge into the book could be due to the lack of spookiness and ghost elements . When I jump into a book with the intention of getting spooked , I really do mean it . So if a book failed to spook me all that much , I would obviously be disappointed . But now , when I say that , I also don't mean that it did not spook me too because it did . The last few pages are the only things that saved the whole book . Even though the way the story played out was a bit predictable , I still enjoyed it and oh god that END . Holy baby penguins , I just died .
Infact I think why I choose to give this book a high rating is because of that end !
Other reasons why some may not like the book could be for the reason that the way the characters are portrayed . It would have been a bit more nice to know more about others . A little bit here and a little bit over there and this book would have been a sure winner !
Not that it's not a winner because to be able to spook a person is enough to show that yes , you have succeeded :)