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Ferragost (Lumatere Chronicles, #2.5) - Melina Marchetta,  Kirsty Eagar I really really REALLY love Marchetta :D
and I really really REALLY am fond of Eagar .

To have short stories written by them is like having my favourite choice of donut which is , The 'Double Trouble' Chocolate donut and which is like the most delicious chocolate donut ever produced . EVER .

Let me just state how I came upon and finally settled upon comparing the two things I've just mentioned . That is ofcourse , the book and the Donut .

See , 'Double Trouble' is the real deal . It's like an explosion of chocolate . You have the creamiest and the gooeyest and the bestest milk chocolatey ganache ever created to be used as a Donut filling . On the outside there is Dark chocolate and Milk Chocolate and they are just waiting to destroy you with sprinkled oreo crumbs on top of them . DID YOU HEAR THAT ?


I once saw the movie Parent Trap . It had Lindsay Lohan in it as a young teenager who goes off to this camp and she meets with a girl who is her lookalike ! and by lookalike , i mean insanely identical ! Now both these girls just hate each other and play nasty pranks on each other and me being , a pathologically awed girl kept on watching and laughing and enjoying , not saying that the movie wasn't good because it was . Anyhooow , To teach them a lesson they are put together in a room and then there's a stormy night and they feel hungry and so what do you think they have ? OREOS !!
I was maybe 7 when I saw that movie and Lindsay Lohan was maybe 11 or 12 or whatever ! But me being a drugged girl follower , demanded for oreos . And since then , Oreo and I have gone a long way together .

And did I tell you how the book is like the donut with oreo ?

Melina Machetta's Ferragost is so epic . It's so magical and whack when you actually start thinking about it . This lady has the capability to make you love every character she creates ! There is something so magical about the way she writes , I just can't help but wonder as to how she managed to acquire those author-ly qualities , if you know what I mean . Some people just have that in them . It baffles your tiny brain as to how a person possesses a mind to create such twists and turns , To create boys that make a damn pudding out of you and to write stories that make you say , 'GIMME MORE !'
It's so agonizingly enviable .
And here's where Ms.Eagar comes in too . Molasses was so Original ..
It's like your own backyard story . I'm not too sure about how I like the story but the writing is downright fantastic !

And oh dear lord MM .
It's like you open up a whole treasure of words and phrases in my mind and I seem to not know why this box doesn't open when I'm reviewing other books . You and your stories are so exceptional..i would just die in your arms .
Ferragost is about Lady Celie of Flatlands whose visiting the Isle of Ferragost in Belegonia for the spring . Some mysterious things start happening and we have another Marchetta jewel . I was a bit confused at the start . It could be because of the fact that I had read Froi of the Exiles , long time ago and may have not remembered some characters , but still it did take some time for me to catch up . Also , I was wondering the whole time , if I could possibly like Lady Celie ...
here's the thing , in a novel of around 500 pages , Ms.Marchetta inserts dozens of characters and gives each one of them their own space and story and you end up falling in love with each one of them . Now here you have maybe 50 pages and just one character . And what does MM do ?

She does wonders .

Here's what this whole book is .... A TREAT . DOUBLE TROUBLE CHOCOLATE DONUT .
MM is the explosion of chocolate on the top with those crunchy oreo bits and Eagar is the surprise explosion of that rich chocolate ganache .

If you're just waiting to have a piece of MM and Eagar and you can't stop yourselves ...go have this .

and remember , it's delicious .