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The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas "I am Celaena Sardothein" , she said "and I will not be afraid."

After reading the synopsis given and some reviews , I knew in my mind that this book was going to be make me a very happy lady . Hailing from the XX chromosome species of human beings , it gives me immense pleasure to see a badass heroine kick a pompous male asshat right down there .
It also makes me smile an almost primitive smile and pump fists in the air when that certain female does or says something so nice that all the niceties of an asshat-male's face vanishes off . It brightens up my mood to see a woman dominate a man in a man's world and game . It always piques reader's interest to hear about an eighteen year old assassin's story and her mission into an almost hunger game-ish setting .

NOW , that is the reason why most people would read Throne of Glass . Secondary reasons being it's genre and furthermore , the success of the exceptional novellas which were given out before the book was brought out , which by the way , were freaking fantastic !

The synopsis states that our protag , Celaena Sardothein is an assassin and she's the best in what she does . She's smart , clever , highly skillful and extremely dangerous . She is feared by many and her kill count makes anyone who possesses humanity shudder . SHE IS BADASS .
or I think that's what the synopsis said or maybe that's what the author tried to make her look like .
After finishing the novel , there was just this one thought in my mind and that was that for an assassin , Celaena isn't all that assassin-y .
The story starts off from a point where Celaena is being dragged before the Crown Prince of Adarlan , Dorian , by the King's Guard , Captain Chaol Westfall after spending a whole year in the prison of Endovier which is a very brutal prison from the way it's been described . Anyhow , when the prince and the assassin face off , she is offered a bargain . A bargain which states that if she becomes the king's champion , she gets to have freedom from all the charges and prison . The whole situation seems pretty okay and so Celaena accepts .
Now what I would have liked Celaena to be would have been a bit more spiteful and angry because afterall her going into prison was all because of the fact that she was betrayed . I wanted her to be more non-welcome to the luxuries provided to her because she afterall hates the king . I wanted her to be smart . What I got in the end , was a whiny pest .
Also does this girl have no sense of modesty at all ?
To once say , 'I have a beautiful face' or maybe 'if I dress up , I look pretty' or 'Every man worships my beauty' , is okay . But that works only ONCE ! Saying that twice could be tolerated but to say that every now and then is downright annoying . Another reason why the book didn't work out all that much was purely due to the reason that almost three-fourth of the book was devoted to romance . See , I'm a romance junkie all the way but when you give me a book of a specific genre , I want more of that . If a book promises me Ninjas , then I want Ninjas and then maybe some romance . If I want flying penguins , than I want a whole army of it .
I wanted so much more but this one here failed to give me it .

And the romance . Love triangle . Big enemy .
Some love triangles are an absolute tragedy and I just feel like shooting myself . Thankfully , Throne of Glass doesn't have one like that . What it does have is love triangle involving two guys who I don't get a chance to know more about and a girl who I already am a bit irritated with . Although , I'm a bit inclined towards Chaol Westfall , I don't really find anything particularly 'heartstoppingly-swoony' in him . It's just that if I were to choose between him and the Prince , I would definitely go for him .
As for the prince , is it just or does he sound highly immature for a guy who claims to be older than Celaena ?

What saved this book for me is it's band of witty conversations and quotable lines and Princess Nehemia and that tiny scene which involved a scary chase , dark dungeons and unknown hidden trails and a scary thing that chases .
Princess Nehemia . Strong , beautiful and Amazing .
She is definitely a huge surprise package . It's so true when they say that you must doubt no one and that there's always that other side of the coin . Nehemia truly wins the race for the most fabulous character in the end . Adored her . I hope I get to see more from of her.

Although , the tone of my review would have sounded a bit 'not nice' and highly negative , it's the way it is because of the huge disappointment I felt . In the end , I enjoyed Throne of glass and it was entertaining but as a reviewer , I've got used to finding chinks in an armour and just let it out . To be on a positive side , let's just say that this book was just an introductory novel and that there is more to come and that the author wouldn't fail me . Her novellas speak a lot about her writing , so let's hope things go smoothly the next time :)