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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Irony was such a bitch.

I remember not liking Obsidian because of the simple fact of it being the same old soup story of fantasy YA .
Girl meets guy . Guy is a jerk . Girl hates guy but get’s all tingly and zap around him . Guy is an alien . Girl and Guy make out until they fry each other and other things around them . Bad guys enter . Bad guys and Guy face off . Girl saves guy . Guy falls for Girl . Girl obviously falls for guy . The end . Queue for the sequel .

I wasn’t planning on reading this book .
But then I read the teasers ...

Holy alien babies everywhere.

I’m starting to question my character .

Like I had posted earlier ...
If I were to put the story in a statiscal way ,
I would say that this book is 90% Hot make out and chemistry and Daemon all fused together and 10% the rest of the plot .
Katy , the main protagonist , had annoyed the hell out of me in Obsidian but here she seems to be quite likable . She’s funny , intelligent and a bit smarter . I like how she doesn’t easily give in to Daemon’s ploys by playing hard to get and by denying Daemon’s claims of him loving her which she obviously blames on that connection thing she usually refers to as ‘Alien Mojo’ .
Also who are we kidding ?
By playing hard to get , you make the guy suffer and suffer , until he comes to you , holds you and gives you that huge declaration of love and then you swoon into a puddle and obviously since it entices your hormones , you just love it . Also when the author is extra helpful with nice descriptions of the guy whose the cause of all this swooning business , you just combust .
As for the story , it isn’t much .
It’s pretty clear from the synopsis itself that it’s about Dawson and Bethany and that there is obviously more to their story . Then there is a bit of an addition of more bad guys and a new guy who seems to cause a constant heart attack in my heart for the sole reason of him attracting Daemon’s wrath and possessiveness . And did I mention Daemon’s smart mouth ? I could go and on and on .

Like I said , not much of a story just the usual YA soup and extra additions of elements....
But who the hell cares ?
I’ve made it clear . Throw hot things at me and I shall devour it .
As for the rest of you ,
It’s got a hot guy and he will make you swoon . GUARANTEED .
If you didn’t like Obsidian , then I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one because of it’s better writing and other nice things . And if you are one of those who liked Obsidian , then people you’re in for the awesomest ride of your life .
My recommendation ?
GO READ IT . Forget the plot . Forget your morals . Just get with it and along for the ride .