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I eat books and get eaten by them. It's an uncomplicated relationship. 

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Quintana of Charyn - Melina Marchetta Before reading . A year ago , after reading Froi of the Exiles.

...."How seven days had passed since she had disappeared from existence .
That it would take the eyes of the gods to find her .
Or the heart of the Lumateran exile ."
- quote from Froi of the Exiles

this one quote will forever ring in my ears and appear before my eyes till the time i see Quintana of Charyn (Lumatere Chronicles, #3) written gloriously .

The time better start running faster -.-

Ps-> the cover is just Gorgeous.


Oh dear dear dear where do I even begin ..

I love Marchetta . Everybody Loves Marchetta . Everybody loves Everything written by Marchetta !
So writing a review about a book by her is going to be boring . Yes , kill me now god , but yes boring .
It's so monotonous .
It's the same freaking thing EVERY SINGLE TIME .
I love her..I love her ..I love her writing ..The boy is so delicious..The girl is a complete wonder woman blah blah blah etc etc .
I'm pretty sure NOBODY in this whole universe could walk upto me and say ,'dude I seem to not like that MM chick .'
And even if they do ..it's going to be ugly .

Lumatere Chronicles .
This whole series has been close to my heart .
It all started with a story about a kingdom ravaged and trapped by a curse . Then came not one , not two but a whole bunch of awesome dudes and dudettes who fall in love and get together and walk towards freeing a lost kingdom from the clutches of a curse . Among those awesome dudes was a scrawny , savage chap who was taken in by the awesome kingdom of the awesome dudes . This chap becomes this delicious piece of fantasy and is sent on a mission to the enemy kingdom . This chap falls in love with this mad girl and finds out about his true bloodline . Sad things happen and then in the end everything is sad and divided .

Now here comes the end . The very end .

First of all , I need some tissues because this situation seems to make me bawl like a mad woman .

Finnikin of the Rock was a book I loved like any other MM-written novel but Froi of the Exiles was a book I completely devoured . I just gobbled it up and chewed every possible piece of thing the book threw at me . I was in love . Quintana of Charyn makes me cry . It makes me cry because it's the bloody end . I'm not going to write about anything specifically about the book because I think it's hopeless . Reviews are written to direct people towards something that needs recognition , something that needs to be loved . How am I to write a review about a book that is already loved by all ? :)
I don't see myself as a reviewer these days . I'm an epic fail when it comes to blogs and reaching out . I write reviews simply because I love to . Because sometimes there are some books which make me so happy that my hands automatically start typing words . I do also write about books that piss me off books because sometimes you need to let out ramblings . Quintana of charyn was beautiful . We all love Marchetta because she has the power of making us love every character . She leaves behind nobody . Nobody in her world is secondary . Her words are simplistic and easily understandable but they have the power to easily tear you about . I'm baffled by the power of authors . The kind of stories they weave ..the kind of characters they create ..Oh I wish I had a genie ! I would wish to always stay in the minds of these authors .

Now I wonder whether I should write about the characters of the book ?
I could write about how the characters of Quintana and Phaedra inspire me . I could write about my pervy thoughts about Froi . ( maybe not ) . I could write about Trevanion , Perri and Tessadora . I could write about Isaboe , Finn and their swoony romance . I could write about Lucian because damn if there was ever a competition between the boys in this book then it would always be this man who would be the winner . I could also write about the Monts and Arjuro and Gargarin and Lirah who became a family to not only Froi but to me also in a very different way . I could write about Celie and Japhra and Jory and Florenza and Jorja and Yata and SO MANY MORE :O

Here's the thing , words can't define the effect this book has on not only me but on everyone .
It's like what Isaboe says in this book and what Gargarin and Finnikin believe ,
This tragedy is not only of a particular kingdom but of the whole of Skuldenore .
Every part of this land intrigues and calls out to me .
I'm pretty sure I had happy tears when I was reading the epilogue .

I can't even begin to say goodbye ...
I remember how I had 500 looming pages before me and just in some hours I had reached the epilogue and I could hear my mind screaming and saying , 'NONONONONONO no . NOT SO FAST :O'

And I'm stalling ....

Ms.Marchetta , thank you for this glorious experience . I know in my heart that as much as the saying goodbye to a book sucks , you'd always come back and enlighten us with more , because hey , you're the bomb .

And just like every good thing comes to an end , so shall this one and I won't be dramatic anymore and I'll dispose off my tissues because today I'm leaning on the side of wonder and always will ...with a hungry wide open mouth .