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Five Flavors of Dumb - Antony John Rating-> 3.5

Five Flavors of Dumb has been around and so have I . I've seen a lot of great reviews about it but never did I have the heart to just go and buy this book so that I could read it and be happy like everybody else . Many a times I even came close to reading it but along came other books that just snagged my attention and it was ta-ta for FFOD .

I'd like to begin by saying sorry .

For me , Five flavors of Dumb isn't a earth shattering , soul rejuvenating , classic monumental kind of a book . It's just an introduction . An introduction to the beautiful world of music . It's basic and simple . You hear a new band playing a song and you totally dig the song and are in totaaal loove . That's called simply listening to music . To feel the music , it's worth , it's rhythm and everything that is music , that's called understanding music . And that's the only thing this book asks of you . To simply understand music because every song , melody , symphony has a story behind it.
I won't bother with the synopsis because it's simple . Piper Vaughn is deaf and due to the recent plundering of her college funds by her parents , she needs money . FAST .
and here's where comes the band , Dumb . Talented bunch of musicians yet no one who could manage them and organize them .
So here's the deal , make Dumb a successful band and earn money . Simple?

I like how the writing is spunky and active . I like the idea of a deaf handling a music band . I like how the protagonist understands that this whole situation could either be a total joke or a complete success . I love the story behind every character and every flavor of the band . (Even when it comes to that evil son of a poop , Josh . ) I like how Hendrix and Nirvana are melded together in the story . I like how everything isn't perfect yet happiness can be found in imperfect pockets of life . I love how far people can go for the people they love . I love the sign language .
I love pink hair . I love total makeovers that rock the world . I love cute Asian drummers .

Like Piper , everyone needs to find their own inner rockstar and Five Flavors of Dumb does just that :)