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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater Eh . This was some scary shit .

Starting from the Shiver trilogy to the Scorpio Races , I haven't been a big fan of Ms. Stiefvater .
While some totally adored and loved her books , I always , on the other hand felt a bit disoriented and...bored?
Now , the Raven Boys is a very cool book .
It is very very VERY cool and I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on my back for not listening to my instincts and just following my heart . Here's the dilemma I was stuck in , The synopsis of this book is totally delicious but so were the ones of the other books written by the author and they didn't really make me happy . But the reviews were good and so were the ratings and in the end , all I needed was a little motivation and here I am ! All satisfied and happy.

So the story is basically about a cool girl from a cool Clairvoyant family with a future she wants to avoid . A future that states that if she were to ever kiss a guy , that guy would be dead . Poof! Gone! Dead .
Now that's a bummer because she's only sixteen and in this phase of a teenager's life , there are raging hormones and a need to be needed . Blue Sargent (The unfortunate sixteen year old.) is quite sensible . She knows what to do and how to handle herself and she also knows in her heart that she is to never kiss a guy . Like I said , bummer .
Enter the boys .
Gansey , Adam , Ronan and Noah . Students of Aglionby (A very rich private school) and crazy sons of Indiana Jones . All four of them are unique in their own way and when Blue's life collides with the lives of these Raven boys , things just start to get better and better...and well , then the story begins.

I totally totally LOVE it .
And do you notice how my 'love' is not 'loved' , but is in fact 'LOVE'? That's because it indicates the present tense . And I love it .
Here's the beauty about this book . It lingers .
You keep thinking and thinking and thinking . It's got a very dark and twisty angle to it and that's half the reason why I found it spooky . Kind of-ish.
I loved the suspense . The story buildup . The twists . And ooh ! The climax .
I'm a bit excited because , hey this was one book I didn't expect much of and LOOK AT ME NOW .
There are sometimes when you read a book and your brain is trying to catch up with what you're reading and it's all becoming a bit uncoordinated and well, you don't really understand what you're reading . There was this time when I was in such a situation . (Most of the time , if I may be honest ). But Like I said , this book lingers . I went back many times to read it again , so that I could understand what I was reading but then I finally came upon this decision to just let it be and continue . The writing style is so addictive , it just flows . I ate up everything . I'm pretty sure that even if Ms.Stiefvater would have written about the most minutest of minutest bacteria in the world , I would have still continued and finished the book and I must confess , I'm not a huge fan of bacteria and it's science , so that's something . So kudos , to the writing .
And then came a time when I finally caught up and I was like , yayie . This book has so much potential . It can grow into so much more and I would love to experience that grown version of this book .
And oh the characters.

More than the main characters , I think I was in total love with the clairvoyant females .
Such cool dudettes .
Also I like Blue . She is not irritating and she behaves like a normal human being . I like how she's not a drama queen and I like her eccentric taste in clothing .
That being said , I totally hated Gansey at first . Liked Adam , Loved Ronan and Noah was well..okay.
And then how things change ..

Adored the book .
Should be a given a complete chance of being read and then finally , loved .

*Waiting eagerly for the second book to come out*