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I eat books and get eaten by them. It's an uncomplicated relationship. 

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Iced - Karen Marie Moning "The year is 1 AWC—After the Wall Crash. The Fae are free and hunting us. It’s a war zone out there, and no two days are alike. I’m Dani O’Malley, the chaos-filled streets of Dublin are my home, and there’s no place I’d rather be."

Oh dear lord how much the whole idea of this Fae world is burned into me.
My wait for this novel had been ...long.
And the fruit of all this wait was worth every second I spent scavenging around like a psychopath.

“Got a job for you.”
“No way,” I say instantly. Ain’t falling in with his crowd. Got the feeling you don’t get to fall back out. You just fall. ’Til you hit bottom. Ain’t going that
low. Got trubs of my own.
“Didn’t ask, kid.”
“Don’t work for nobody calls me kid.”
“Let her go.”
I screw my face up in a scowl. “Who sent the party invites for my water tower?” I’m pissed. Whatever happened to a little privacy?
One of the Keltars oozes from the shadows. Only seen him from a distance. Don’t know how either of ’em got so close to me without me
knowing. Freaks me. I got supersenses and they snuck up on me.
Scot laughs. But he don’t look like a Scot no more. He looks sorta like … I whistle and shake my head sympathetically. He’s going Unseelie Prince.
They forget me. Busy looking at each other. Ry-O folds his arms. The Scot does the same.
I take advantage of the moment. Ain’t sticking around to find out what job Ry-O has in mind for me. Never wanna know. And if some dude turned
dark side thinks he’s gonna score redemption playing avenging angel for me, I got news for him. I don’t want it.
My ticket to hell’s already been punched, bags on board, steam whistle blowing.
I’m fine with it. Like knowing ’zactly where I stand.
I freeze-frame out.

The above excerpt is a scene between Ryodan , Dani and Christian in Shadowfever.
I had always loved Dani . She was this spunky , fearless badass who sliced and diced Fae as if she was a chef and the city Dublin her kitchen. In simple words , She is cool.
This whole scene was like the trailer to the book that was to be and I was already excited.

I don't support paedophiles.
But Ryodan is hot , So it's okay.

here's another one of my favourite conversations between Mac and Ryodan from Shadowfever..

―Does today amuse, Ryodan? ( Mac asks )
His lips curved. He looked back at Dani and, after a moment, nodded." ―It does. More than it has in recent … years."
"―She‘s thirteen."
"―Time will remedy that."


The minute I came to know that Ms.Moning was writing a novel from Dani's point of view , I knew , that this book and I were meant to be.

Here's Dani'O Malley for you .
Fourteen year old.
Total badass.
A nutcase , which is normal for a teenager.
On the cusp of being a total beauty with her read hair and wicked awesomeness.
And a huge conscience for a girl her age and in her situation.
Dani has had it hard since she was born and the things I've come across about Dani breaks my heart everytime. But here's the best part , The heart that broke , healed faster. Dani is an enigma.
She's like a rocket left loose. I love her delusional brain.
I love how she lives in the moment. I love how she's an optimist. I love how she doesn't let anything ever break her. Anything. Even that mysterious ass of a beast , Ryodan.

Oh dear lord.
Jericho Barrons took my breath away in every book that Ms. Moning wrote in the Fever series.
I hated Ryodan because when I was in Mac's head , I saw this mysterious , sexy and pathetically Successful man. He was a beauty but he was , in the end , a snob.
And before I started with Iced , I kept on thinking whether he could match up with Barrons or could he be a guy I would feel comfortable reading about.
Well , let's just say that 'comfortable' is an understatement.
His steely attitude . His calm demeanour . His businessy talks . Oh , god just take me away.
And after I've finished reading Iced , I think to myself..'Barrons... who?'

And then there were others.
I would love to speak about them , but I feel maybe I'd give out way too much. And I don't want to be the one to spoil the fun. So yeah.Enough indication , Grab the book and dig in.

You know what's the best part about Iced?
It's not in Mac's point of view.
She was this annoying pest I felt like skinning alive everytime. Every single time.
Dani is spunky. She's strong , independent and gives of the right emotion one needs to feel in a particular situation. There was this one time when I felt that it was too much of badassness going on and that in the end , I did need some vulnerability . After a point , I craved vulnerability . It's crazy because at one point I wanted Dani to just break down. I wanted somebody to go take of her. Understand her . But after a while I realised that this kind of an element is precisely what could be the downfall of the flow. Dani is strong . And she doesn't realise how much people care for her. Her discovery of that emotion is going to be one I would love reading about later . But not now .
She just fourteen . And she's on top of the world.

Old characters didn't have much part over here and as I write , I realise that I don't even care whether they actually came in and poke the book with their presence. Well maybe Barrons would be okay. He's cool and all and isn't like that bimbo and well , he's a beast and he's awesome...
Okay , I'll stop.

And pfft.
I can't stop!
New characters like Lor and Dancer were the bomb.
Especially Lor.
That man , So cool .

Ms.Moning deserves a huge round of applause.
Her writing has the right depth and I don't mind being called a groupie if it comes to her.
There were sexy elements . There was a huge laughing cavalry . Infact , the level of sarcastic conversations and healthy banter or maybe just badass villainy confrontations was so HUGE.
I highlight A lot .
And I'm pretty sure I ruined my copy.
But what the hell? :D
And usually the books written by her are very long and the length of it tends to eat my brain , sometimes. But oh damn , I gobbled up Iced and didn't even care.
This whole experience has been so cool.
You know that feeling of happiness you get when you finally get to chow down a tub of delicious cheese flavoured popcorns after waiting for a long long long time behind a huge tall man in a very LONG queue . That moment of happiness and euphoria? That kind of happiness. So you get my drift?
Iced excites me and I totally loved it.
I don't care about the technicalities because I was totally enjoying myself.
And that end?

Can't even begin to say how flustered I am.
That end sucked in a cool way.
I felt like screaming my guts out and demanding the author to publish the book right there.
Oh this wait is going to be a huge pain in the ass.

To experience all this awesomeness. To freeze frame with Dani. To be excited by a man like Ryodan. To have a crazy fun banter with Lor and Dancer. To live life for others and to not miss the smexiness amidst all the hocus pocus , Iced by Karen Marie Moning is perfect.