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Easy - Tammara Webber ”Love is not the absence of logic but logic examined and recalculated - heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heart.”

Omg this book is so hot .
Like So So HOT .

When I had read Between the lines by Ms. Webber , honestly , I didn’t really like it that much because I couldn’t come on terms with what the protagonists were trying to say and neither did the book fancy much of my interest so that i could keep going ahead with the series . Then Easy came out and I was a bit hesitant to order it because let’s face it , there are so many more amazing books out there . Then the reviews started popping up and all of them had good things to say about this book and I went like , ’Why not?’ I’ve been let down by so many of my anticipated reads , so why not try something of which I don’t quite expect much .

After reading , I would first like to congratulate Ms.Webber because Damn . Don’t i love this book so bloody much .
Secondly , I would like to apologize to my heart for making it wait so much .

In Easy , We come across Jacqueline . Smart , Beautiful , Talented in Music and currently dumped by her nonsensical boyfriend who she followed to college , to simply be with him .
Kennedy her Ex-boyfriend was someone who she depended upon , A lot . They had been together for three years and he was like her daily routine . So for her , it was natural to ditch a music program and follow him and take the same classes he took . After he broke up with her , It was like an unexpected tornado just came and blew her away . And now , She’s stuck in the same college as her ex-boyfriend . She’s failing her economics classes because she doesn’t like economics . And She’s being stalked . Being a bright student , Her Professor tells her to contact the Class tutor , Landon, for help in the subject . As she starts emailing with Landon and starts getting comfortable . She realises that she’s infatuated with him . The problem being that they haven’t actually met , Ever .
While there are things going on her mind about Landon , there is Lucas on her mind as well .
Lucas is on all levels mysterious . Amazingly good looking and completely attractive , the way he is with Jacqueline creates a fantasy bubble in not only her heart but our hearts as well . Things start to get complicated as her ex-boyfriend tries to get back with her , her stalker seems to get more and more hostile and she’s in the middle of two guys who are so difficult to figure out but easy to love .

See , I liked Jacqueline . She’s funny and has a great personality . You can see why she does what she does and how she regrets the fact that she just blindly took her decisions just because of a boy .You can see how she knows that she needs to buckle up and fight it out . She’s such a great protagonist that you almost wish she were true . And this is me talking about a girl protagonist and not a guy protagonist , So obviously it means something . Also her romance with Landon and Lucas is just delicious .
You can see why she’s falling for both the guys and that brings me to Landon and Lucas .
Landon , is the kind of guy who you’ve never met but know that he’s a great guy . He’s funny and cooperative and supportive . How can you not like this guy ?
Coming on Lucas . Oh man . Where do I even begin .
Imagine a guy whose irresistibly hot and good looking . Has a bike and just sets your heart on fire with a single smoldering look . A guy who sits in your class and stares at you like you’re the most beautiful living being on the planet . A guy who proves his worth the day you meet him for real .
How can you not like this guy too ?

Also about the stalker .
He was kinda okay . Didn’t really horrify me much . I mean he tried to do horrifying things but you know just couldn’t cut the horrified aspect for me .

I’m not going to go technical about how the book was . It’s engrossing and you can’t not love it .
There are so many books which when you read , you don’t care how the protagonist was or how it’s pace is . You just simply love it . No explanations required , just plain love .
And as you can see , Easy is one of those .

Loved it !
If you want to have a fun time with sexy moments , then this one is for you .

Also watch out for Benji in the book . He is the adorablest person on the planet , even though he is just fictional .
And the romance , Gorgeous .