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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead The book is...okay.
I don't mean to be rude by why would a mediocre book like Bloodlines have a rating of 4.29 and books which actually need to be considered have much lower ratings?

Bloody Unfair World.

I'm pretty sure that there is nothing in this book that made me want to go and scream out 'yohoo' .
Although , when I say that , I also don't mean that I hate this book because it's not that bad also. But it's nothing special as well.
I haven't read Vampire Academy.
So when I realised that this book was related to Vampire Academy , I felt stupid. Like really really really stupid.

Bloody Unfair World.

I've heard so much about Adrian.ADRIAN.
And I couldn't even like him.

Bloody Unfair World.

I'm pretty biased when it comes to Vampire books.
Haven't read a lot of them and the ones that I have , have always showed me the 'get out of the Vampire realm' sign.
That is one of the few reasons why I never cared about picking up VA.

Regret. Bloody Unfair World.

So here's the perspective from an idiot someone who hasn't read
VA and jumped onto Bloodlines.

1.You're an idiot if you read this book before VA because not only are you missing out on a cool series ( reviews don't lie.) and because you would know every single thing that happened in the former because hey this is a spin off ...Wonder what happened to my brain?

2.The element of surprise never came.

3.The protagonist is a robot.

On other levels , this book wasn't all the bad as well.
My bitterness comes from the fact that I haven't actually read VA . So to know what happened , who ended up with whom and to know the fictional guy you intended to pounce is broken and that you can't empathise with the guy and then you start feeling that he's a grade A pig. But till the time I was oblivious , I pretty much read everything.
Okay , I get it that the story isn't all that jazzy and cool , but the writing is good enough for you to last till the end and crack upon the next book in the installment.

But when you come down to the point , it just shows that my 'obliviousness' saved this book or else I'm pretty sure this one was a goner.