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Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love and dared to imagine a world free of bloodshed and war.

This is not that world.

Days of Blood and Starlight.
What a beautiful title.
How do people come up with such titles?
How is it that simple worlds like 'blood' and 'starlight' come together and call out to you and pull you into them in such an insane way.

I wonder how authors create stories like they do. I wonder how thoughts and ideas are manufactured in their brain-factories. I wonder where they come up with the kind of an imagination a person needs to weave stories so magical that you almost wish that you were a part of it. I'm jealous because who wouldn't want to have minds like that? Minds that have the power to create stories so awesome that it makes the people who read them , act like mega-maniac lunatics. Seriously.

I remember reading Daughter of smoke and bone and liking it ..infact loving it.
I remember the whole gist of the plot and I remember what went onto happen in the end in the book .I also remember the strong emotion of anticipation and also the kind of excitement that makes me want a book more and more. But here's the thing , that's all I remember. But as I write and try to convince myself of all that I remember , I realised that I don't remember anything at all. I just know that Daughter of smoke and bone was a good book. I just know that I had liked it. And why you may ask am I being so vague and weird and stupid? It's because this stupid book happened to me. After I was done with it , I knew in my heart that both the books were so different that they can't be compared.
This book caught me . Embraced me and swept me off my feet.
I love this book for not what it is but for what it turned out to be.
How apt is the title for the book?
Days of blood. Days of Gore. Days of loss. Days of emancipation . Days of anticipation . Days of treacherous acts. Days of hope.
Forget what you thought because that's not what you're going to get.
Forget love because after you've lost everything all that there is pain , loss and a quest for revenge.
Forget the funky colourful world.
Forget hoping for a book that will make you happy because this book certainly doesn't.

You know what I feel like doing?
I feel like crying.
I feel like slapping Karou and I feel like hugging her all the same.
What I want Akiva to do is not be in pain...
What he did in the previous book was something that completely tore him and Karou.
It's okay for Karou to be wary of him , but what of what he did for her? What of what he feels?
There's this point in the book when Liraz speaks about Akiva and Karou's situation and here's what she says....

"A man like Akiva crosses the world to find you, infiltrates the enemy capital to just dance with you, bends heaven and hell to avenge your death, saves your comrades and kin from torture and death, and you send him off looking gut-punched, diminished, carved hollow?"

I want to cry because I've grown to love the characters and the things that they are going through is plain brutal. There is so much pain and heartbreak in this one huge book that I felt like just closing the book and throwing it away and never ever ever read it again.
It's dark and its beautiful.
Laini Taylor knows how to write her books.
Her book are like a painting and while I don't understand the greatness about Monalisa (Please don't kill me , but I feel Monalisa is completely overrated.) , I can feel the beauty of this book.
In my dictionary , this was certainly not the best book that I've ever read but it is ..for now.
I know that this is going to haunt me till the time I have my fill of the next book.

After we come to know the truth about Karou and after we endured the painful yet super delicious end to the first book , the second book is a total fast forward.
The Karou we come to know here is not the Karou we knew.
This one is trying to avenge the loved ones she lost. This one has her conscience at battle all the time. This one is trying to find answers. This one is so lost.
As for Akiva , I feel horrible for him. He might've been a tad irritating at first but what am I to say when the only girl he loves refuses to even look at him?
Oh such torture.
But worry not because Zuzana is here to save us all from going into depression.
Whaata babe.
She is so damn funny.
And so is Mik . Zuzana's one and only.
What a lovely dynamic the two have. The kind of bestfriend that she makes is one of the bestest kinds. I feel like hugging her , kissing her and showering her with chocolates.
And then there were characters like Ziri and Hazael ....OhIfreakinglovethisbook.
Oh Hazael. :/

I love Laini Taylor. There I said it.
I love the way she writes. I love what she writes.
Her writing is so fluid.
At the start I was a bit slow. And when my pace is slow it means that I'm not getting the feel out of a book. And I was so afraid because I didn't want to ruin the book for me. I thought of abandoning this book SO MANY TIMES. But then I told myself , that it's okay and forced myself to continue. And once when I got used to it...Kaboom!

In the end, I like that the book is painful. I like feeling sad because what else are you supposed to feel when your favourite character of the first book (Brimstone) dies?
The start of War..The start of something....Oh how much I weep for the end.
I hated the end.
What are you doing Ms. Taylor?
"To be continued.."
Don't test my patience woman.

But hah. Since you fed me good , I shall be happy with what I receive.

I am so thrilled by this book , I can't even begin. In the end , I hope that this book plays it's part well and I hope that every person who come across it feels satisfied by what it would do.