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Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover I am disappointed by this book.
Everybody seems to love it and I don't even understand why.
Is it because of the first date that felt horribly unreal to me or was it those tiny moments which were meant to weaken readers and make them sad?
I'm sorry but I don't really understand.
I don't want to be a person who hates a book with rave reviews in its bag. But unfortunately , I am.

Layken , the eighteen year old protagonist of the book lost her dad and is made to move out of her childhood home in Texas to start afresh in Michigan with her mother and a younger brother. With her father's death already taking a toll on her , the move seems to add to her misery.
As she starts to settle down into her new house , she meets her new hot , sexy , twenty-one year old neighbour , Will Cooper. There's this intense and super hot chemistry between them and they can't seem to keep their eyes off each other and so just in a day , they meet , talk and go out on a date.
But things can't be that easy , can they? Dun-dun-dun!
Hold still my heart because there are shocking revelations in store.

First of first.
Nothing came as a surprise to me because I guessed what was going to happen every single time.
Secondly, I get that Layken's situation is pretty tragic and that she is a teenager with a broken heart. But most of the times I felt like jumping off the roof of my building and never looking back.
I understand what the author tried to do and I always try my level best to empathize with a character rather than putting my own theories into it. I try because I know and understand that I as a reader am invading an author's mind and his/her work , so the least I could do is go according what he/she wants to show me. But in this case here , I just can't get a handle on Layken.
I'm sorry but it's true.
Also for Will.
He's a nice guy , has his issues but I seem to feel disoriented with him as well!
Which totally sucks.
I also felt that the author started out on a medium pace but then suddenly increased her pace which makes the whole book sound a little rushed.
Like I mentioned earlier , there were so many things in this book that felt unreal to me. Some fantasies do come true. A hot guy as my neighbour is a part of my fantasy and so is the part where I connect with him and maybe go out with him. But I'm a little weird... so if a guy comes to me , talks to me and asks me out on a date , I would probably just slam the door on his face and run away even if he's deliciously good looking and hot because that's the first sign of being a psychopath or a serial killer. And as my movie knowledge tells me , Psychopaths are usually hot. *Thinks about Mark Wahlberg and his hot bod and his role in the movie Fear. Shudders.*
Anyhow , getting back to the point , I also feel that there was a huge dosage of cliched lines in the book and I tend to repel from cliches ..so yeah.
And is it just me or does Will calling Layken 'Babe' in his whole glory a tad cringeworthy?..*cringes?*

Okay now for the good points.
I LOVED the poems.
Had this been a book of poetry , with all of it's poetry in it and much much much more , I would've been it's no.1 fan from day 1. But *sighs* that wasn't meant to be.
Also I love how the element of Slam poetry is emphasized in the book . I love the beauty of the way Ms.Hoover writes about poetry. I loved understanding poetry and almost felt like writing one myself , even though I totally am pathetic at it. But..I loved the element of poetry nevertheless. Infact most of those two stars is because of THAT poetry. It was truly beautiful.
Second would definitely be Eddie's character.
Man. I like badass chicks. But I like Badass , intelligent and caring chicks even more.
Be my sister Eddie and I always promise to be your fan.
I love how The Avett Brothers are the perfect accompaniment during the whole book and I'm pretty sure that I'm a follower now as well.

Hmmm, what else?

I think that's pretty much it.
Although Slammed didn't live upto my expectations , I want to give Point of Retreat a try.
Maybe it's because I seriously don't like not liking a book or maybe because I'm just a plain fool.
Anyhow , let's hope that the sequel can redeem itself in my eyes and make me happy. :)