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Speechless - Hannah Harrington rating- 3.5

Wow. This book is so different from Saving June. And so cool .

I've read so many books that revolve around characters like the Good pretty girl . The Bitchy queen . The fallen popular girl . The nerd who doesn't care. The good girl who nobody notices. The one whose abused. The one who is feisty and a total badass.

But this is a book from the point of view of a girl who just wants to live a happy teenage life. Her idea of a happy teenage life is to be popular? Have popular friends? Know everything?
That is the typical mind of a teenager whether one believes it or not.
But have I ever come across a character who is the friend of that bitchy popular girl everybody loves? Have I ever come across a girl who is basically a follower of the popular group and prides herself on being popular and a head-turning beauty? No.
I have come across such characters but only in secondary terms.
For better understanding let's take an example.
In a high school , There are cliques.
The popular group is led by a popular girl.
Now we know all about that popular girl and we know that she has followers. We know what she does how she feels , but we never know what her bestfriend feels , do we? Do we know anything about the girls who follow her? Do we know about those girls who want to be popular just like her? No.
And that is precisely why I like this book.
It's from the point of view of a character I have never had a chance to know.

Chelsea Knot is one such girl.
She is popular and she likes it.
And she has one blabbering mouth.
Secrets don't remain with her.
One night , it all just goes way out of her hand and one thing leads to another.
A person in the hospital. Two boys in Jail . Banishment from popularity. And the acquirement of the title of 'freak' .
So she decides to keep a vow of Silence.
And here begins her road and story of self-realisation and ultimate awesomeness.

I love every character!
I love Chelsea's personality. She is a bubbly balloon. Being in her head , makes you happy.
The best thing about her is that she has a hold on her conscience. And I feel that it's necessary for every teenager to have one.
I like how she stumbles , yet gets up every single time.
And..I love her and Sam together.
Sam is a total dude and I love his and Chelsea's cute romance. It's slow , flowy and just about right.
I loved Asha!
I love how cheerful she is. I love how she doesn't judge people.I love how she's carefree and straightforward.
I love love love everything.

The writing style of this book is simple and subtle.
It's precise and to the point and you enjoy every minute of it.
It pulls you in right from the start and has a wonderful message hidden in it's seams.

Why it's just 3.5 starrer is because it's neither monumental nor earth-shattering for me. It's not the kind of book I would go for first.
It's a book that makes me happy for now. It's a book that has an effect on me..but just like other books which I've read and liked.
I'd definitely recommend people to read because it's light , fun and if you don't want to be depressed , then this book is for you :D