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Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson This review and some more of the buzz can also be found on YA Fanatic

Damn. This book was so real.
Where do I even begin?
Should I start with the concept of the story? Or should I begin with the voice of the protagonist? Or Shall I begin with the basic nature of this book?

I came across Speak through a friend of mine who described it as 'heartbreaking! and a must need for teenagers.'
I had immediately ordered the book along with many other and when it came , I saw it and just well set it aside. Yesterday, I had been my usual careless self and well my kindle was left all battery-less and so I resorted to my paperbacks and that's when I picked up Speak.

Let's just say that this whole experience was a shocker?

And it didn't shock me the way many think it did.

I was shocked by it's take on reality.
When I started reading the book and after I finished this book , all I could say was that ..'Damn. That sounds like me. That sounds like my sister. That sounds like my peers.Why the hell does it sound so normal..like so relatable?'

Melinda Sordino is one unforgettable protagonist. According to the synopsis , it's pretty clear that Melinda has been through something bad. Something that's had made a huge impact in her life. Something that has shut her up. People hate her for busting a huge jazzy high-school party and frequently pester her and just simply ignore her. Nobody knows why she has become the way she has. All she needs to do is speak. But can she?

Melinda is an unforgettable protagonist. You can't just hate her.
She's struggling , falling , failing and well she's just trying to get by life. Her sarcastic views on life and school are probably the coolest things about the book.

About the writing.. I'd like to give Ms.Laurie Halse Anderson a personal standing ovation. And it's not because the book is great and blah blah , not that the book isn't cool because it totally is! It's because her writing is simply fantastic! This was my first book written by her , so after this I'm hoping to read many more!
About halfway into the book or in my case , before even starting the book , the whole situation is pretty obvious. You kind off know what happened to Melinda. The human mind is so vulnerable. As strong as it could be , one monumental devastation and it's all gone. Teenage is the time when you're the most vulnerable in life. You're learning about your body , you're learning about tiny changes in your heart and mind. There is a hormonal war for god's sake! But amongst everything , when you're a teenager , you are simply learning to grow. You're learning so that you could get to a good college and finally follow your dreams. You're mentally maturing. You're growing stronger and stronger and this is the beginning! The beginning of that epic journey of learning new things about things around you and infact , you yourself!
What I mean to say is that when there's already so much pressure..how do you survive a disaster of epic levels? A disaster that does break you?
And this is what this book is all about.
That struggle. That journey. That one moment when you finally let it out and just speak.
And that's why my standing ovation. Because there is not so much of a story...yet what you read totally moves your soul. And might I add that the whole thing has been handled so perfectly.

There are characters , I want you all to meet!
I want you to meet Mr. Freeman! The free-spirited art teacher! A teacher I wish I had.
I want you to meet David Petrakis , the geek guy who stands up for the right...and is just a 9th grader.
Leaving all , I just want you to meet Melinda.

This book is pretty tiny. I was so engrossed into it that I never realised when I started and when I finished.

Also , did you guys know that there's a movie?

And did you know that Kristen Stewart plays Melinda Sordino? *eyebrow raise*



I think it's kind of perfect! That just-one-depressing-look Kristen seems to sport in every movie totally works for the movie. No offence , Ms.Stewart.
I'm pretty sure I'll be one of those people who'll be watching the movie!

In the end, This book is definitely for the teenage crowd. It is also for those who have been through things and haven't had the motivation or the strength to speak up. This book moved me and I bet, if not on an epic level, it will move you too :)