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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling You can also find this review and other buzzy things on YA Fanatic

After a lot of thinking I've finally settled with three stars out of five. Rating this book is kind of conflicting. I just can't seem to make up my mind. There were somethings that really annoyed me and some which I really liked.

Let's start with the Pros shall we?

1.Scenes which consist of conflicts and fights between the the two main protagonists.

2.The guy trying his ass off to redeem himself.

3.Quarters and touches.

And now..the cons.

1.Kind of cheesy.

2.Annoying situations every now and then.

3.The fact that I liked depressing scenes more than the ones where the protagonists are eating each other.

4.Also all the banter that went on between both of them felt a tad unreal. It just didn't flow right and I felt like Jack every time he said 'babe'. Sorry , I think I was really annoyed.

And so here's where the cons outweigh the pros.
The story had lots of potential to grow yet couldn't make up for it.
It wasn't boring. But it wasn't worth my time.