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Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout This review and all other cool things can be found on YA Fanatic

No one is like Daemon Black.

Damn Right Girl.

So after some thinking , I've come to a conclusion..
I like guys with green-diamondy shiny eyes. I like guys who are smug and have a neon board with 'NO MODESTY HERE.' written on top of their heads. I like guys who have silky wavy hairy hair.I like guys who have broad shoulders and are exceptionally hot. I like guys who can move mountains for you. I like guys who are aliens.

So... if you match the above criterias , then let's run away and get married.



I'm actually having a hard time writing a review for this one because I'm just so happy and giddy and excited.
After Onyx , it was pretty clear to me that Opal was going to either be totally awesome or it could be an epic fail. But I've always been the one to lean on the side of wonder , so I went ahead and face-planted into it with the former thought in my mind.

Now let me tell you how it was , in simple words..

If Onyx burned you , then Opal is going to incinerate you.

You're ash. You're jelly. And you have that stupid smile on your stupid face.


Honestly , this whole reading experience was a total blur. While I was at it , I totally forgot the world. I was so engrossed that I never even paid attention at my own thoughts and ideas. I didn't care how Katy's attitude was this time unlike the several other times where I totally bitched about it. Also, I didn't care which way the story went unless the direction was downhill because it certainly was not. Obviously , I did have my attentions on Daemon but that's on regular basis so that doesn't count. I'm not a good critic when it come to this book. All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved it. Not once did I feel bored and not once did anything irritate me. It was all smooth and I think there was this one place where I actually got a tad misty-eyed.Smug guys proffessing their love are always my downfall among many other things.

There's not much I can say if not that you all should really read this book. I've always stood by one thing and that is that when you read such books , you must never go for it with high expectations. What you must look forward to is a good time and a fantastic reading experience. The story isn't much and it never is. There were so many parts where I actually knew what was going to happen. But I simply didn't care. Why be a sour pumpkin when I've had a good time?

Also , damn you Cliffhangers.
I have a love and hate relationship with them. They excite me. I love them because they bring a total twist to the climax. I also hate them because ...they make you desperate. I desperately want to read the next book to know what this series has in store for us.
And even though the Cliffhanger was pretty obvious to me , it's good enough to rock your world.

So what should you look forward to in Opal?


2. Dee and a possible future relationship. Even though I find the idea of Dee and Andrew together a tad sad. I just feel that this angle has a lot of potential.

3.Smexy times. Always the smexy times.

4.LOL moments because it's impossible to not have them in a Jennifer L.Armentrout book.



7.And for those who like to wonder...Dawson. Maybe.

So am I going to be reading the next book in the series?