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Annabel - Lauren Oliver "I love you. Remember. And someday , I will find you again."

After reading Delirium and Pandemonium, we are well acquainted with Lena Haloway's character. We know what she's like. We know how she came to be. We've practically been a tag along all this while. We know that Lena lost her mother when she was six. We know the way Lena describes her mother. We also know how Annabel , Lena's mother tucked Lena in lovingly , danced around with her and made them delicious pancakes. We also know how Lena's mother was never cured. We had a brief brush with her in Pandemonium and we know how she escaped and held onto freedom with that one thought clear in her mind , that she will not be suppressed.

This being a novella from Annabel's POV is an absolute treat.
It is so easy to simply like her character. While I had minor issues with Hana , another delirium novella , this one seemed to be almost perfect. I could see the world from the eyes of a mother who just wanted her daughters to be loved. I could see the world from the eyes of a seventeen year old who ran away because all she wanted was freedom. And I loved it.

This series is one of my many favourite series and with this powerful addition in the delirium world , I can barely wait to find out what happens in the final book.

There's also an excerpt from Requiem provided and let me just say, I am so not happy with what I read. I'm almost scared to pick it up now.

Damn need that book now. Like right now.

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