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The Host - Stephenie Meyer So my reasons might come across as totally idiotic..and this review itself could be the most idiotic thing you read , so if you chose to ignore this review..I understand.
I've never been a fan of Ms.Stephanie Meyer. I have read Twilight and I didn't hate it. To some extent , it was actually quite nice. But after that , I didn't really care about the other books much and made no efforts.

So why did I choose to read The Host?



OMG. Oh my fucking god.
Doesn't that cover just call out to you. Look at those men nice looking people.

So I was on youtube a few months ago , doing my own usual jobless thing when I came across the trailer of this book. I knew that such a book existed but like I've mentioned earlier , I simply hadn't cared about them. After the trailer , I knew I had to have it.

I am , in the end , a romantic. So help me , if I wanted this book.
Also many claimed that this book was much much much better than Twilight. So I borrowed this one from one of my friends.

I have to be honest. This book was just okay.
Like seriously okay. Maybe a tad worse than okay.
My initial rating had been just 2 stars but I chose to give it an extra one because of the upcoming movie and it's influence on me. (I know. Go ahead , call me stupid. I won't mind.)
Also there have been books much worse than this one here , so it's only fair to award it three stars.

I'd like to divide my review into sections.

Section 1.

Meeting Wanda and Melanie.

So basically , Earth has been invaded by aliens. These aliens go by the term 'Souls'. The working of these souls is a tad nonsensical. I get the point the author has tried to made. I get what the story is all about but I just don't see how it makes sense. It's like the time I read [b:Divergent|13335037|Divergent (Divergent, #1)|Veronica Roth|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328559506s/13335037.jpg|13155899]. I got what the author was trying to tell me. I saw where the story was going but the whole concept didn't really make sense to me. Like why where there such factions? What was the point of the whole thing. Here atleast , we saw why the souls decided to invade earth. But as sacrificial and amazing their whole 'humans are a deadly species and that they have emotions they can't control and that they are their own destruction' reason sounds , I feel that , them in itself trying to forcefully exert their own theories and 'peacefulness' among the masses is nothing less than tragic hypocrisy. So this my friends , is flaw no. 1.
Anyhow , the story starts with our introduction to the soul Wanderer who awakens in the body of a young girl who tried to attempt suicide but was saved by the healers (doctors) of the soul community. As Wanderer is on her way in getting used to her new body , she is surprised to find that the human girl hasn't left the control of her mind and still exists. This girl is Melanie Stryder , a seventeen year old rebel who now starts to force memories of her life on Wanderer. Through her memories Wanderer gets to know about the various people in Melanie's life. Through her memories , Wanderer starts to see the way Melanie loved her loved ones and falls in love with them too. More specifically , Melanie's love of life Jared and Melanie's brother Jamie. With all the memories-love-fest overpowering her own intelligence , Wanderer sets off to find the love of Melanie's life. Oh and Melanie's brother too.

Section 2.

When she meets them.

You have no idea how much I hated Jared.

Section 3.

We meet Ian and his sweet side.

Oh and people start to call her 'Wanda'. I have nothing against names but this name is just awkward.
There would be serious moments where Wanda and another character would be having a serious conversation and then the other character would just go ahead and say , 'Wanda this..' and 'Wanda that..' and the whole seriousness would fly away into thin air right before my eyes.

Also Ian and Jamie are the only people I like in the whole book.

Section 4.

Jared is a bastard.

Section 5

The end was very cheesy. That last chapter was a total cringe-magnet.

This book is relatively huge. I wouldn't have minded if they would have cut down on the length. I found myself skimming pages because there were so many unnecessary and even boring parts.As for the story , like I said , it was CRINGEY.
The role of the villain (if that character was even a villain) was so non-existent. It felt as if that character was created just for the sake of having some 'action' in the book which may I say , also was non-existent. And this along with it's long boringness makes flaw no.2 and 3.

And after this , I decide to reduce my ratings to 2 out of 5 stars.

So would I recommend this book to you?
Nope I wouldn't. For reasons that you shouldn't waste your time and delve into something that , you know , is more worthwhile. If you're bored to death , then sure go ahead. The movie isn't out yet and the movie was the reason why I decided to read this book , but after reading the book , I know in my heart that the movie would be much better than the reading experience because there won't be periods that would bore you and you won't care about the pointlessness of the whole scenario because the guys are hot. Smart movie people.

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