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Falling For You - Lisa Schroeder Falling For You was the first book that I read in 2013 and like I said earlier..It was a good way to start a year.

I love Lisa Schroeder. I've read almost all her books and The Day before and I heart you , you haunt me are books I totally adore and are also two of my many books that highlight my book shelf.
Her books are all in verse form and the beauty of it all lies in the fact that she can break our hearts a thousand times and swoon us off our feet by throwing poetry at us. WE ALL LOVE LISA SCHROEDER BECAUSE OF THAT!

And I think, that's what went wrong with this one.
This is NOT in a verse format.

Earlier , I had given this book four stars out of 5 but after a lot of thinking I just couldn't fathom why I even liked it in the first place.
Here me out you all.
This is a book about a girl from a broken home. Her stepfather is abusive and her mother usually is a no-show in the area of love. A gorgeous guy likes her and she starts dating him , but he turns out to be a total nut. Then there's this other guy..and a very sad thing happens and blah blah blah.

So it's the classic sad YA soup story. It's not something we haven't heard about or read before. If you sit down calmly and think about it , you would notice that all the books that Ms.Schroeder pens down are books dealing with storylines we're all familiar with. But we still do love them. Why?
Because not everyone has the ability to touch our hearts and influence our emotions and write down a 'whole' story of about 500 pages in mere poetic verses. I have read poetry back in the day and I do read some now too but they're all limited to research and project purposes. None for my own pleasure. So for me, Lisa Schroeder is like my own personal John Keats , Robert Frost etc.

I won't say that the writing is bad because it wasn't. I wasn't bored , neither did I entirely hate this book. I did like it. My earlier googlyness could be because I've already mentioned it a thousand times and I'll say it once again , I love Lisa Schroeder.
This was well like any other book. Nothing new. Nothing exciting.

So would you want me to recommend this book to you?..maybe.
But if I were you , I would go ahead and read other books by her which are in the verse format. There is more to appreciate and more to like.
But I still love you Ms.Schroeder and I know that next time you will hit me with your fabulousness. But just not today.

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