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Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi rating 3.5 :D

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi is quite an entertaining read ! although , i have some major issues with it , it seems to have made me very happy . my initial rating for this one was bound to 3 stars but because of a few things which were just my kind of a 'Mojo' i was immediately drawn into giving in to that tiny 'half-star' above . ( it's a tiny thing but it does make a difference .)

so here's the initial synopsis ,
Aria is a 'dweller' who lives in a time where other 'dwellers' like her live in a virtual environment known as the 'realms' accessed by a device known as the smarteye . this virtual environment has been set up in huge Man-made pods . the pod she lives in is the city of Reverie and life is pretty awesome out there considering you can be in Paris and Antarctica with just a notion of a thought ! now isn't that cool ? it all crumbles down when Aria is accused of a crime she didn't commit and is thrown out of the pod in an outside world .

Here she meets our 'main-guy' , Peregrine an outsider .
now Perry has his own tragedy going on with the forced kidnap of his nephew and many other plans . And so like it always is and will forever be , the guy and the girl i.e Aria and Perry ( nickname for Peregrine ) set out to accomplish their missions to finally make things right .

what i loved about this book is the nice use of vivid imagination. the building of the plot is pretty interesting and it keeps you glued to the book . a mix of Sci-fi . post-apocalyptic and not entirely dystopian , it starts of with a pretty boring first chapter . i was almost confused sometimes . the set-up might be brilliant and interesting but the fundamental base is just nada.
notice the highlighted word 'dwellers' out there above ?
here's where my problems start -.-
my question is as to why the people have been contained into pods and why is it that not all remain in pods as well ? and how did the 'Aether' appear ? what happened in the past that made things as they are right now ? what is the basic purpose of all of it ?

why and why and why ? are the only words for this problem around here . A tiny bit more explanation and this would have been a sure shot 5 star winner for me ! because really it does have the potential in it .
the minus to nil-explanation of certain things DID NOT hit that book that bad , infact like i said before , the use of words to build the story has made up quite a lot for the book .
but still .

now coming on why i loved this book part 2 :D
i think there were some passages and lines that i loved so much that have just registered in my mind by themselves !

like this one here ,

"A world of nevers under a never sky."

does have a catchy tone to it , don't ya think ? it makes up for it's title pretty well .

“She absorbed the terror and beauty of him and his world. Of every moment over the past days. All of it, filling her up like the first breath she'd ever taken. And never had she loved life more.”

the timing was perfect . i smiled when i read this line . like i said , the timing :)

why i loved this book part 3 :D
the romance .

Romance is my MoJo .
i'm one of those people who will fall for gooey sappy romance and say ' wheeeee ! '
like many people mentioned before , the romance in this one isn't exactly spontaneous and it has a slow and steady development . Aria and Perry belong to different worlds and have problems to face and things to make right , it would be horribly ridiculous to have a rendezvous moment the instant they meet ! and i slow development has given it an all the most better edge because when the romance comes it blooms amazingly into a healthy smiling big flower .

oh and flowers remind me of something ? tch tch .

flowers=>Violets=>the lady days .
the mention of THAT was something very original don't ya think ? xD

and another plus point ! i really liked Aria and Perry ! Aria and her curiosity , tons of questions and believable instincts were a nice touch to it ! and as for Perry , it's what they say about guys being strong and awesome and who live for others .

overall i'm surprised by even with all it's high points i can't bring upon myself to forget it all and go ahead and pound it with massive showers of stars . i know it's odd . but it's not the best book i read . yet it is an interesting read and it does make me one of those people who will stand in a line to get my hands on it's sequel .