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Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi Before reading the book. This was when the cover was revealed..

WoW . Perry looks very..... modern ? o.O . Atleast for a guy who has lived in the woods for all his life and basically doesn't own a decent shirt .

After reading..

Well let's just say , that things are much much clearer now and definitely much better.
And also things make more sense now.

.....what i loved about this book is the nice use of vivid imagination. the building of the plot is pretty interesting and it keeps you glued to the book . a mix of Sci-fi . post-apocalyptic and not entirely dystopian , it starts of with a pretty boring first chapter . i was almost confused sometimes . the set-up might be brilliant and interesting but the fundamental base is just nada.
notice the highlighted word 'dwellers' out there above ?
here's where my problems start ->
my question is as to why the people have been contained into pods and why is it that not all remain in pods as well ? and how did the 'Aether' appear ? what happened in the past that made things as they are right now ? what is the basic purpose of all of it ?......

- Here's a part of my review of Under The Never Sky which explains the reason why I didn't like Under The Never Sky as much as the others did.

Like I said earlier, things make more sense now.
Also..I no longer look at the cover of the book and question why Perry looks civilized and delicious.

Through The Ever Night begins with Aria's and Perry's reunion. Perry is now the blood lord of his tribe and has great responsibilities to carry. And even after being reunited with Aria ,things are far from perfect. Being a half-dweller, it's easy to understand why people won't take kindly to Aria's presence and how their relationship could stir problems. Also, in addition to this is the threat of Aether storms that in itself keep the existence of the whole tribe in danger.
I had always liked Ms. Rossi's writing. And with TTEN making it's mark in my heart, I can now say that I absolutely love it! This was one of those situations where I didn't think about anything and just plunged into it for a nice book-swimming. While my book-swimming, I barely thought about it's flaws (if any.) or obstacles and just kept swimming and after I completed my swimming all I could do was groan because I just didn't want to stop. And was it just me or was this book really small?
I wouldn't have minded if there were some extra pages..or chapters..or even a whole book!
There are so many things that in many words make up for everything that Under the Never Sky wasn't. There was so much growth in the whole book. There was growth in the world-building , fact explanation , THE CHARACTERS!

Even though the whole book is in third person , you can just feel the whole essence of the book! It just flows! You're in the zone! You're captured and you love every bit of it. This book is bloody good.

But do you want to know the best part about this book..The Characters.
Do you see how I capitalized the word 'Characters' above? Yes ,yes! That one right there! Just above the paragraph above! Every character played a pivotal role in this fantastic book!
Leave Aria and Perry. They as it is play primary roles. You're already in their head. If you're crying or laughing because of what's happening to either one of them, then it's understood why. But when secondary characters start to make huge impacts on you..you know that you're in the right place. I have to mention one particular character and to some of you , it must be clear who I'm heading towards..Roar.

I'm sure I liked Roar from the first time I met him in UTNS. It's obvious isn't it? This guy was a total bomb with his hilarious banter with Aria and Perry! And hey, everyone loves the main guy/girl's bestfriend. But let me tell you all, After TTEN , I freaking love him. LOVE HIM.
I love how there was so much to look forward to and so much to experience and for those who haven't had a taste of this beauty...hold on tight because things just get better and better.

So read this book.
Read this book because this book is beautiful. You deserve to read romance without cringing. You deserve those emotions that keep on spiking and keep you on your toes! You deserve that perfect reading experience where it's just you and your beloved book and nothing else matters. You deserve to get to know Roar and love him. You deserve to meet new characters! You deserve to feel awesome.
And it's the least this book deserves.

But Damn you Rossi.
2013 has just begun and what do I get to know? The release date is somewhere in 2014?

But this time I'm desperate.

I'd like to thank Zemira, my fabulous blog partner and amazing friend for lending me her copy! You can find this review with many other amazing things at YA Fanatic.