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Dare You To - Katie McGarry Before Reading

Holy Smokes! Look at that cover...

After Reading.

This book was sooo good.
I've read Pushing The Limits and even though it had a good story , it just wasn't enough for me to get into it and like it. Pushing The Limits touched emotional topics. Topics that shatter hearts and tend to make readers emotional. But I, as a reader felt nothing and neither did the romance between Noah and Echo feel real and natural. It was there. It had a story but it just wasn't good enough. But Dare You To is an entirely different case and it managed to do what Pushing The Limits couldn't: Evoke emotions and Make itself memorable.

Here's how it is going to be with this one here.
If you're expecting sad secrets and tear-jerking emotions, then don't.
This is Beth's and Ryan's story. A story with characters who speak for themselves and cannot be broken even if things aren't right. Sure Beth is closed off and doesn't let anyone in and sure, Ryan is the tough guy who everybody thinks has a perfect life, but both of them are badass. Both of them have problems in their lives which by the way are explained right from the beginning, so don't expect tears because this one's for the smiles and hearts. This one is about finding your way through a bushy maze in a stormy night with heavy rain pelting your bony heads. And speaking of rain, look at that damn cover....

So here's what you can expect from this book.
Swoon. Lot's of Swoon. Ryan's and Beth's story isn't one that hasn't been read about before but it is what it is and it's enough to make you giggle like a mad girl. In Pushing The Limits we could see a possibility of Beth ending up with her bestfriend Isaiah but as soon as the blurb and cover for Dare You To came out, many were disappointed and didn't expect Ryan's character to be good enough. But , I promise you all, Ryan is one hell of a guy and makes up for all the frowns we had when we saw a Beth and Ryan future with no Isaiah in it.

What's also right about this book is it's key element: Romance.
I love those who fight to get what's theirs and fight to keep it and never let go. Isn't it what it is? Are you going to let that fat bully take your favourite piece of chocolate away from you? Are you going to get that divine bar of awesomeness, just to lose it all over again?

I loved Dare You To and there were some parts concerning Isaiah that broke my heart too! But I don't need to be guilty because there's a third book too! And guess who gets to be the main guy in that? Yes. You guessed it right! ISAIAH! :D

So go ahead! Read this one. Because if you didn't like PTL, you're going to like this and if you did, this is totally different from what you read in PTL and is definitely good.

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