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Just One Day - Gayle Forman "Sometimes the best way to find out what you're supposed to do is by doing the thing you're not supposed to do."

Dear book,
Why are you so beautiful?

There are times when I love a book so much that words just seem to leap out of me like an endless roll of nice tissue paper. I just keep going on and on and on. But then there are those days too when I have no absolutely no clue of what to say . Today is one of those tragic days.
It's been what..three days? and I still can't find those words.
There is no surprise in the fact that Just One Day is a beautiful book. I've loved Ms.Forman since If I stay and Where She Went was simply unforgettable. Her writing is beautiful and so alive, that you can't help but imagine yourself in places and situations the protagonists get to live in. You can't not love the world she creates.
I remember how Adam's and Mia's story in Where She Went took my breath away. I remember how much I wanted to visit New York just because I wanted to find that tiny bowling alley and bowl my ass off and how I wanted to take a boat and see the Statue of Liberty closely just so I could scream out insane jokes and hear my insane voice echo. How I wanted to just simply explore! I remember how emotional I felt. I remember how sad I felt for both Adam and Mia.
How can you not love a woman who writes such books?
And hell, she's done it yet again.

Here's what I want to do now.
I want to wander around Paris and get lost. I want to walk those cobblestones and I want to eat macaroons and get fat.
I want to meet a beautiful dutch guy. I want to feel exactly like Allyson 'LuLu' felt in this book: Alive.

This book is about finding yourself.
Finding who you are. Standing your ground.
This is Allyson's book.
And her journey to self-discovery is nothing but beautiful.
I'll admit, the mid-section of the book was a big turn off. But I love how cleverly Ms.Forman used the dull emotion of the midsection and turned it into something extraordinary by the end. And sweet mother of lord! THAT END.
Is that how you're going to play Ms.Forman?
Fine. Bring it woman. With Just One Year, kill me exactly like the way you killed me when I finished read Where She Went.
And make it good.
Because I would die a thousand times (in theory) if I had one of your books nestled in my arms.

Ps-The book is wonderful. So go ahead. Shoo.

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