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Boundless - Cynthia Hand "That's what I feel. I'd die to to protect you."


"That little stink. That overly protective, impossible, infuriating, and utterly sweet little stink."

If you read my earlier reviews of Unearthly and Hallowed, you would notice that I wasn't a big fan of both the books. The flaw lay in the story. Even though both the books were fairly entertaining and all the characters had voices that screamed 'FUN', in the end it all came down to how and where the story led you and in both the cases, it only led me to disappointment. And that is precisely why, I wasn't so excited about reading this one. In other cases, many of my friends have totally adored this series and have been swept off their feet by the cowboy (yes,Tucker.) of the book. I, being the party pooper, couldn't see why they even liked him.
My heart was always vouching for Christian, the other guy. The guy who understood Clara's problems and the guy who always stood by her.

So you can only imagine how this one here surprised me!
It could be the last-book-of-the-series-syndrome or could be because my expectations were low but hell, this book was the perfect end to the series.
I like how this one wasn't all about Clara.
After reading Radiant , the short story which had Angela's and Clara's trip to Italy narrated in it, we already know that there are problems simmering on the surface. And we also have the finale of the Tucker-Clara-Christian triangle drama. Which might I add was really bittersweet. I'm sure all of you want to know who Clara finally ends up with, don't you?
The best thing about this book is that it's the real deal. The final showdown. In many words, all the crap or amazingness the previous two books put us all through finally makes sense and sounds worthwhile when you come to read this one.

And there is that ACTION.
Hurray!!! I'm doing the googly dance just because there are action sequences in this one. There is fighting. And there is nobody in this whole wide world who could be as happy as I am to see violent fights.
Now you would think why anyone would even like violence and would want perfectly okay people fight and probably kill each other?
Because, Katniss wouldn't have been Katniss if there was no war and there is nothing like that adrenaline rush you feel when you're in the middle of an action sequence.

To put simple things straight, this book was fantastic.
It was fun, sad , shocking and heart-explodingThat last bit with Tucker. Brutal and I'm surprised that I'm even alive.
I changed who I liked again and again and finally had to just accept what Ms.Hand threw at me. As a reader, whenever there was thinking required , I thought and thought and did my guessing but never did I ever come close.

In the end, Boundless redeemed itself and made me totally happy. So if you're one of those who like me questions whether he/she should read this one, then I would definitely recommend you to stop questioning yourself and just read this book because you know you want to. And as for those who do, what the hell are you even waiting for? :D

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