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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak Is it just me or is Mr.Zusak really cute? No seriously. He is, isn't he? Look at those dimples. Go ahead..JUST LOOK AT THEM. And oh his writing. A dimple guy who writes. *Dies.*

Anyway.The Book Thief was an amazing book. If you haven't read it yet, then you're an idiot. Case Closed. Sayonara. Bye.

I wish I could just end my review here but I have so much to say. And today is one of those many days where I read a book, loved it and words seem to just bounce off of me. See when I got my copy, I had a fair idea of how I would find myself in the end: Weeping and chanting Zusak's name.
But what I didn't expect was the kind of devastation it would cause. I’ve read a fair amount of reviews and I knew that there were going to be tears. What I didn’t think about was the magnitude.

It's a small story, about: a girl, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter, and quite a lot of thievery.

It is.


Holy mother or lord. Best Narrator Ever.

The story is set in Germany during the time when Hitler ruled. We’re all aware of the horrors of holocaust. How there were concentration camps and gas chambers and acid showers , the idea of which still scare me. How there were the Jews and the Nazis. Then there were some who simply were German. There was unemployment everywhere. It was a time of war and helplessness. Around this time when there were atrocities inflicted upon people and threats of bombing were spread around everywhere , there was this one particular young girl who stole books. A girl who found books magical and words fascinating and not once but thrice stole books just because she wanted to read. This is that girl , Liesel Meminger’s story. It’s narrated by death and it’s unforgettable.
It’s true. This is a simple story and that’s where it’s beauty lies. This one is for those who crave thought-provoking and moving stories.

I have to say, the writing is pure genius. There was the right amount of everything. There was sarcasm and heartbreaking honesty. And the way the characters have been created is marvellous. Each and every character impacts the heart and I think that this is Zusak’s biggest achievement.
Liesel Meminger was one female I couldn’t help but love. Her fascination with books and simple take on life was really endearing. I think every reader in general is going to love her because of how enthusiastic she is towards books. I also love how her character growth has been portrayed in the book. We meet her when she’s about nine in the book and it’s perfect because after all our naive years there is a time when everybody grows up and the growth of this beautiful girl is well....beautiful!
And then there was Rudy. And Max. And Mr. Hubermann. I cannot get enough of this book.

So here’s the thing. This book is beautiful. And it’s AUSTRALIAN! And Zusak is obnoxiously cute. So do yourself a favour , buy the book and simply enjoy because this one deserves a place in all your bookshelves.

Note- It's on the longer side. So be patient.

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