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None of the Regular Rules - Erin Downing My thanks to the publisher and the author who generously gave me this book.

Rating- 2.5

None of the Regular Rules by Erin Downing is an okay read.
It’s definitely not the best book out there but it’s worthwhile. I love books that revolve around concepts such as that of Bucket Lists and the journey of finally finding yourself.
So it wasn’t very hard to pick this book up immediately.

I feel the plot the whole book is set on is quite a good one actually. Dead Aunt. Her list of things to do before she died. Hot Neighbour. Bestfriends. And self discovery.
All the things that attract the usual YA crowd.
This book had lot of promise but honestly, it couldn’t quite live upto it. I could see so many holes in the story while reading it and the protagonist in itself was a big turn off. The story was way too predictable and I had a hard time relating with the decisions the Sophie (The protagonist) made. What brought most of the book was the fact that I wasn’t buying the emotional side of the whole story. And the love story also felt a tad bland to me until the last few pages.

But there’s always a silver lining.

Aside from the main protagonist , I loved the sub-characters. Sophie’s bestfriends , Ella and Grace, were a treat to read about and there were some parts of the novel that gave us something to like about the book.

Overall, an okay read for times when you just need a book to read and can’t find one.